2012 Coffee & Lunch Discussions

Month Speaker Topic
January Gretchen Schulz (Lunch) Book Fest I

Lawrence Jackson (Coffee)

Herbert W. Benario (Lunch)

"The Land of the Civil War: My Father's Name book excerpt"

"The 1936 Olympics: Black Athletes in Track & Field"


Katherine Mitchell (Coffee)

Dana Greene (Lunch)

"Places of Memory and Dream: Touring exhibit at MOCA"

"The Poet, the Biographer, and the Interlocutor: Denise Levertov"

April Dana White (Lunch) "A Dozen Seasons of Teaching Baseball and American Culture"

Heath La Fleur & Rachel Barrueta (Coffee)

Gretchen Schulz (Lunch)

"Tech Tools for Retirees I: Using the Apple iPhone & iPod Touch"

Book Fest II


Leah Toy (Coffee)

Clark Lemons (Lunch)

"Tech Tools for Retirees II: Using the Apple iPad"

"Cathedral Liturgy & the Development of Medieval Theater in English"

July Anthony Martin (Lunch) "Life Traces of the Georgia Coast"

Laura Finzi (Coffee)

Will Ransom & The Vega Quartet (Lunch)

"Single Molecule Biophysics: A Hands-on Approach to Your Molecules"

"Music & Melody"


Saliers, Kretchman, & Bianchi (Coffee)

Alan Abramowitz (Lunch)

"EUEC's Poetry Mash-Up"

"Fifty-Fifty Nation: How Polarization is Shaping the 2012 Elections"


Abdullahi An-Na'im (Coffee)

Don O'Shea (Lunch)

"Islam and Democractic Transformation"

"The First Research Paper"

December Viola Westbrook (Coffee) "The Salzburgers: Georgia's First German Settlers"