Booking venues at Emory

Emory Venues

University Events does not manage or book event spaces on campus, however we are happy to provide the following resources for those seeking event venue information.

Emory Groups

The majority of campus venues and event spaces are booked via an internal reservation system known as 25Live.  For more information regarding 25Live or which spaces on campus may be reserved via this system by Emory faculty, staff or student members, please visit the Emory Office of Meeting Services

Outside Groups with Emory Sponsors

Please note that some on-campus venues, meeting rooms and event spaces may be available to reserve by outside (non-Emory affiliated) groups if the group seeking space has an Emory sponsor responsible for booking the desired space and satisfying all requirements as outlined in 25Live.

Other Spaces Available to Emory and Outside Groups

The following is a list of campus-area venues that are available for rental. Please see the links provided for policies and procedures for booking these spaces and for the individuals to contact for information regarding rental availability, rates, and more.

Summer Conferences

Additionally, Emory has an Office of Conference Services that is open to both Emory and non-Emory groups. Conference Services is a full-service summer conference operation, from approximately May 25 through August 1 every year. Conference Services exclusively serves residential groups (groups requiring housing) and the office does not offer any services for conferences during Emory’s academic year.

Campus Filming and Photography Permission

Emory’s four campuses can accommodate a range of projects, including motion picture filming, videography, still photography, and other digital media. Visit Emory Film Managment for more information.