Comprehensive Venue Guide

Coming soon! 

The above images are just a sampling of the comprehensive guide being produced this fall for the most commonly used event venues on campus.  The Miller-Ward Alumni House, Winship Ballroom, Cox Hall Ballroom, Carlos Museum Reception Hall, and others will be presented in a digitally rendered format down to the carpet pattern and wallpaper. 

Dozens of room layouts—from casual to formal, theater-style to stand-up reception—will be available for download.  These layouts can then be given to your catering managers, florists, venue managers, etc. so the everyone knows how the room is to be set-up. View a pre-release sample of a 2D bare-bones room set-up diagram.  Unlike the 3D renderings which are designed to give you a feel for the room, these black and white PDF files contain just the basics and are designed for clarity.

A special free viewer program (like Adobe Acrobat Reader) will allow everyone to be able to explore these 3D virtual venues.  The viewer program is delayed from the manufacturer and will be made available as soon as it is released.

In addition to the CAD renderings, detailed information about the rooms will also be presented.  Included in the information are detailed directions, parking information, AV system details, accessibility and safety notes, as well as expert event planner tips on how to best use the various campus spaces.

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