Board of Visitors Meetings

Photos by Michael Kloss

The Board of Visitors meet several times per year, across campus, for lunch meetings and presentations.

Members of the Board of Visitors serve Emory as ambassadors, and they also assist the University in discovering and promoting ways for Emory to further integrate our intellectual assets with community goals.  The board’s overall objective is to increase the awareness of Emory in Atlanta and the region and to improve Emory’s level of service to society. Traditionally, members of the Board represent the top levels of business, the professions and volunteer leadership.

The Board of Visitors enables Emory University to increase the volume and quality of Emory’s outreach with the specific intention of creating ambassadors, identifying potential Emory volunteer leadership, cultivating new donors, and enhancing the level of stewardship of existing donors.  It is a program that assists the University in reaching out to the leaders of Atlanta and the community, and introducing them to Emory’s most successful programs, leaders, faculty and researchers.  Traditionally, members of the Board represent the top levels of business, the professions, and volunteer leadership. As a result of their participation on this board, the large majority of Visitors become well-informed ambassadors who help communicate Emory’s message to their peers both in their business lives and in their social circles and in doing so raise the Atlanta community’s awareness of Emory. 

One of the unique features of this Board is that it reaches out to leaders of Atlanta and the community, many of whom have no connection with or deep knowledge of Emory.  By design, less than one-third of Board members are Emory alumni, allowing non-alumni the opportunity to engage in a board-level volunteer activity at Emory, and encouraging active recruitment outside the traditional Emory family. 

Audio archives

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02-15-2012 - Dr. Roderick (Rick) Gilkey [Part I mp3] [Part II mp3]

01-19-2012 - Dr. Theodore (Ted) Johnson [Part I mp3] [Part II mp3]

09-29-2009 - President James W. Wagner [main mp3] [Q&A mp3]

05-20-2009 - Dr. Lynna Williams [mp3]

02-18-2009 - Dr. Art Kellerman [mp3]

01-13-2009 - President James W. Wagner
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