Founders Dinner

Photos by Michael Kloss


On December 10, 1836, the State of Georgia granted a charter to establish Emory College. When the trustees of the new college met for the first time two months later, on February 6, 1837, their gathering marked the first official act of the institution that would become Emory University. Not until 1838 did the founders have sufficient funds to erect the first building. Alexander Means, faculty member and future president of Emory, described the laying of the foundation stone of the first building of Emory College.

Recalling the first official meeting of Emory’s founders on February 6, 1837, the Founders Dinner builds on the great Emory tradition of Charter Day, which had been observed from 1924 to 2005 on the anniversary of the chartering of Emory University on January 25, 1915. The event was moved to February to coincide with Founders Week, recognizing the longer legacy of heart and mind going back to the little college’s establishment in 1836.

Audio Files

2015 Keynote Address by Stephen Ho Chen (download mp3)

2014 Keynote Address by Margot Rogers (download mp3)

2013 Keynote Address by Doug Shipman (download mp3)

2012 Keynote Address by Dr. Charles Haynes (download mp3 Part I and Part II)

2011 Keynote Address by President Emeritus James T. Laney (download mp3)

2010 Keynote Address by Chris Richardson with introduction by Stephen Beehler (download mp3)