Parking and Visitors

New guidelines and procedures are in place for parking, shuttle operations, and on-campus visitors.

Campus Parking and Transportation 

This fall there will be changes to shuttle operations and safety protocols, including physical distancing, mask requirements, increased disinfection, and maximum shuttle capacity. Likewise, fall parking assignments will be made to decrease shuttle demand for shorter trips, whenever possible. Flexibility with these changes will allow resources to be allocated to non-walkable routes and to implement social distancing. We are also shifting to a parking pricing structure based on usage, which may result in cost-saving alternatives. Transportation and Parking Services will adjust and finalize all details of parking and shuttle changes by July 20.

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Visitor Policy 

Visitors are not allowed on campus at this time; this decision will be revisited once COVID-19 conditions improve in Atlanta. For this reason, both Family Weekend and Homecoming will be offered as virtual events this fall. This means that we will not be encouraging members of our community to come to campus during those weekends but will provide programming that allows them to share their Eagle pride.