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How will I know when someone around me tests positive for COVID-19?

You might want to know, need to know, or have a right to know. What you find out and when will depend on your interactions with the person who is ill. Here’s what you can expect.


When you are identified as a "close contact" with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, you have a right to know so that you can more closely monitor your own health. You will receive:

RAVE TEXT ALERT: You will receive a text message if you have been listed as a "close contact" of someone who has tested positive for COVID. The text will alert will instruct you to quarantine until you receive a call from a contract tracer for next steps.

EMAIL ALERT: You will receive an email message if you have been listed as a "close contact" of someone who has tested positive for COVID. Students should quarantine until they receive further instructions.


If you have been in a classroom, residence hall, laboratory, office, or other shared space with someone who is ill but you have not been identified as a "close contact" by the contact tracing team, you might need to know so that you can monitor your health and be assured that you may be contacted if you are a close contact. You will receive this communication through email from a school/unit representative.


At Emory, we care about all members of our community. When others are ill, we might want to know so that we can have an assessment of our community's overall health and general risk to COVID-19. If you have not been identified as a close contact, and you have not received notice from your residence hall adviser, department chair, supervisor, or dean, then you will not be contacted directly. You can visit the Emory dashboard to track COVID-19 cases within our community.

NOTE: A "close contact" is identified as part of the contact tracing case investigation that takes place with the COVID-19 positive person and a trained contracting tracing representative.

COVID-19 Dashboard

The Emory COVID-19 dashboard is updated daily to keep our community informed about reported cases of COVID-19 among faculty, staff, and students on and off campus.

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Community Compact

Emory calls on all students, faculty, and staff to recognize their responsibility to one another through the observance of community health standards.