Student Community Compact

Emory University calls on all students, faculty, and staff to recognize their responsibility to one another through the observance of community health standards.

To minimize transmission of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) and protect those most vulnerable to the virus, Emory puts forth this COVID-19 2020–2021 Emory Community Compact that outlines our behavioral expectations for students for the 2020–2021 academic year.

This compact applies to all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who are physically on campus and is built on our collective responsibility to help to maintain a safe, educational, and vibrant living and learning environment for all members of the Emory community.

By returning to the on-campus Emory community during the 2020–2021 academic year, you are agreeing to adhere to the behavioral expectations outlined below. 

COVID-19 2020–2021 Community Compact

As a member of the Emory community who is taking courses, conducting research, and/or residing on campus during the 2020–2021 academic year, I understand that I have an obligation and a role to play in keeping our campus safe. I understand that the health and safety measures I am being asked to undertake are considered necessary to protect my health and the health and safety of others in our community and beyond. I agree to abide by all federal, state, local, and Emory University mandates, policies, protocols, and procedures related to COVID-19, including all required training and testing.

I understand that, if the community cannot adhere to the compact and/or a serious COVID-19 outbreak occurs, Emory may not be able to continue an on-campus experience, and we will be required to transition to a fully remote learning experience.

I recognize that most violations of this compact will be handled expeditiously using a community accountability model in which appointed Emory representatives, along with every member of the community, including me, addresses compact violations when they occur.  

The Emory Compact Response Team (ECRT) will be responsible for reviewing reports of compact violations submitted by myself or other members of the community. The ECRT will provide support to enable community members to better follow compact expectations and will administer appropriate sanctions for violations of compact expectations. Decisions and directions from the ECRT will not be a part of my educational record, will not have a negative impact on my student record, and will not be reported to graduate or professional schools to which I may apply.

I understand, however, that serious, pervasive, and/or repeated violations of the compact will be grounds for a disciplinary review and action by the applicable Student Conduct authority. I agree that, should the ECRT or Student Conduct authority determine that my behavior jeopardized the health and safety of others in the Emory community, I may lose the privilege of continuing to engage in on-campus activities, including research activities and in-person classes, or reside in on-campus housing, although I may be permitted to continue my academic program remotely. I further understand the Student Conduct process could involve severe penalties, such as suspension or expulsion from Emory.

I understand that, in addition to this compact, I am expected to continue to comply with all other applicable Emory policies, procedures, and community living expectations.

I also understand and agree that I may be asked to leave a space, including classroom, research facility, library, or other facility or event immediately at the instruction of a faculty member, staff member, or other designated individual, as applicable, if the faculty member, staff member, or other designated individual deems that I am creating a health risk to others, and I agree to cooperate with that directive.

To protect myself and others in the community, I understand and agree to adhere to the following expectations, as directed by Emory. The expectations will be based on recommendations by public health authorities and are likely to change depending on the spread of COVID-19 and changes in medical knowledge. 

Health and Wellness

  • I agree to maintain appropriate (currently 6 feet) physical distance from others whenever possible.
  • I agree to regularly self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 and contact Student Health Services if sick or have questions about health.
  • I agree to be tested as Emory requires for COVID-19 and to allow my results to be shared with Emory.
  • If I am tested at a non-Emory facility and test positive for COVID-19, I agree to immediately report my results to Student Health Services.
  • I agree to cooperate with random temperature screenings that may be conducted on campus and to follow instructions if I have a fever.
  • I agree to wash my hands regularly throughout the day.
  • I agree to comply with the applicable contact tracing protocols of both Emory and county and state health departments.
  • Unless granted an exception, I agree that I must be up to date on all required vaccines.
  • I agree to wear a face covering or mask in classes, libraries, research spaces, common areas of residence halls, close group settings, and as otherwise directed. If I cannot wear a mask due to a documented disability, I will contact the Department of Accessibility Services, prior to my arrival on campus, to request an accommodation. 
  • I agree to comply with Emory directives regarding quarantine and isolation, whether I reside on campus or off campus. If I reside on campus, this may include being moved out of my residence facility to an off-campus location or another residence facility for a period of up to 14 days, even if I test negative for COVID-19 at the outset of the quarantine period.  

Movement around Campus

  • I agree to congregate only in designated outdoor and indoor areas of campus, wearing a face covering, if necessary or required, maintaining adequate physical distance, and complying with all signage.
  • I agree to sit only in seats designated as available in classrooms, libraries, dining areas, and in other university spaces.
  • I agree to follow procedures for entering and exiting classrooms and for entering and exiting rows of seating in classrooms.
  • I agree to follow procedures for entering and exiting campus buildings. These procedures will be visible on signs near the entrances and exits of campus buildings. I understand that some facilities on campus may have additional procedures and/or restrictions that apply to those spaces, and I agree to comply with those restrictions.

Travel and Guests in Campus Buildings

  • I agree to adhere to Emory’s most current guidance on travel.
  • While traveling and upon returning to campus after traveling, I agree to take reasonable precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • I agree to take reasonable precautions (physical distancing, hand washing, and wearing a face covering) to minimize the chances that I may contract COVID-19 during the 14-day period preceding my arrival at Emory, and during travel to the Atlanta or Oxford campus.
  • I agree to refrain from having visitors, including family members, in campus buildings.

Social and Recreational

  • I commit to participating in student organizations, performing arts groups, intramural and club sports, athletic practice, student leadership, sorority and fraternity events, governance groups, and any other Emory-sponsored student life activity, only in accordance with the COVID-19 related safety protocols adopted by Emory.
  • I agree to follow the above guidelines regarding physical distancing and wearing a face covering or mask when attending off-campus events or engaging services off campus when possible.

The future course of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) is unpredictable, many factors will contribute to the severity of the pandemic in fall 2020 and beyond, and the risks associated with my participating in on-campus activity at Emory are not fully foreseeable.

I therefore understand that, even with the mitigation steps taken by Emory and my compliance with the expectations set forth above, or with different or additional expectations, policies, rules, and restrictions that Emory may establish from time to time, I may be exposed to SARS-CoV-2 and contract COVID-19 by participating in the on-campus community, whether in coursework, residence halls, or other activities.

I further understand that I can reduce that risk by choosing to participate in online learning, rather than in-person instruction, and to reside off campus.

I agree to comply with, and acknowledge that my ability to remain on campus is contingent upon fulfillment of, any and all such lawful conditions, policies, rules, and restrictions.

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