Dr. Geoffrey Broocker

  Geoffrey Broocker
Geoffrey Broocker,


Dr. Broocker is the Walthour-DeLaPerriere Professor of Ophthalmology, Program Consultant at Emory University School of Medicine and Chief of Ophthalmology at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Area of Specialty: Ophthalmology

Dr. Broocker has been an Emory Faculty member for the past twenty one years, gaining leadership roles in graduate medical education, both in ophthalmology and across medical specialties. After founding a program directors' group within ophthalmology, Dr. Broocker helped to develop an organization of program directors for all of medicine under the auspice of the Council of Medical Specialties Society. Dr. Broocker has a keen interest in teaching ophthalmology, and training both clinically and surgically. He believes the eyes and vision are considered a key body function; hence, it is important for all individuals in healthcare to be knowledgeable and respectful of their patients' eyes when evaluating and caring for patients.

Personal Statement:

 After six years of private practice, my true joy for the past twenty one years has been in ophthalmic education of medical students, non-ophthalmic resident physicians, healthcare paraprofessionals. One of my areas of expertise is in managing ocular trauma. Grady has given me the opportunity to cover it all!
The Emory Ophthalmology Residency training program is considered a top ten program yearly. Because of this, I have the opportunity to train some of the brightest and talented young docs in the country. The Grady component of our training program is the centerpiece!

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