Dr. Jada Bussey-Jones

  Jada Bussey-Jones, MD
Jada Bussey-Jones, MD


Dr. Bussey-Jones is an associate professor of medicine at Emory University School of Medicine and co-director of the Primary Care Center at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Area of Specialty: Internal Medicine

Dr. Bussey-Jones joined the Emory University School of Medicine faculty in 1999. Since coming to Grady, Dr. Bussey-Jones has plunged into the work of educating Emory's housestaff and students in all ways related to the care of minority and economically underserved populations. During her leadership tenure in the Primary Care Center, there have been several improvements including a new primary care call center, improved patient satisfaction, and decreased patient time in clinic by an average of 45 minutes, expansion of medical student teaching in the PCC, development of an International Clinic for non-English speaking patients, expansion of a faculty practice alongside the residents. This site sees approximately 70,000 patient visits annually and is the continuity clinic for 90 percent of Emory's medical residents. 

Dr. Bussey-Jones founded and leads the Social Medicine Working Group in the Division of General Internal Medicine. This enthusiastic group of outstanding young faculty members devotes itself to educational projects, research and community service.  Dr. Bussey-Jones has been Chair of the National Disparities Education Task Force where she led work on a national awarded curriculum and pre-course on disparities education. 

Personal Statement:

I specialize in Internal Medicine.  I am a primary care physician.  I chose a care where I could follow patients over long periods of time.  I want to help the patients and their families manage and treat their chronic conditions, address new or acute issues when they arise, as well as coordinate their care with other specialists, care providers, and social and community support when needed.

I often tell the story that my experiences in a rural Georgia town, where a railroad track served as both a physical and metaphorical divide between races, provided the passion that drives much of my work to improve physician-patient communication and minimize disparities in health care.  I have fond memories of my grandparents, a diligent couple with only a grade school education raising their nine children in a two-room house in that town. It is, in part, their legacy and that clear symbolic partition that drives much of my work.   

Clinically, I feel fortunate to care for a group of patients that are largely underserved, indigent, and minority – a group with whom I strongly identify. Similarly, my research and educational objectives have been around interventions to instruct learners in the care for diverse populations, teaching clinicians how to communicate effectively with individual patients from varied backgrounds,  facilitating physician activism in local communities, and providing ways for physicians to work together to promote broader social changes that can affect health.Grady provides unparalleled opportunities to do this work.  I can’t imagine being anywhere else…


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