Dr. Jeffrey Lennox

  Dr. Jeffery Lennox
Jeffrey L. Lennox, MD


Dr. Jeffrey Lennox is professor of medicine, Emory University School of Medicine; chief of infectious disease, Grady Memorial Hospital; vice-chair of medicine for Grady affairs; and medical director of the infectious disease program at the Ponce de Leon Center.

Area of Specialty: Infectious Diseases and HIV/AIDS

Dr. Lennox became a faculty member in the division of infectious diseases at the Emory University School of Medicine in1994. He is the medical director of the infectious disease program at the Ponce de Leon Center, which provides patients with a wide spectrum of services in one location, including a primary care clinic, women’s clinic, family clinic, dental clinic, mental health clinic, clinical research area, infusion area, pharmacy, subspecialty clinics, including ophthalmology and dermatology, HIV education and community referral. Through Dr. Lennox’s leadership, the infectious disease program at the Ponce Center has gained national recognition as one of the premier sites for HIV care in the United States.

Personal Statement:

I chose the area of infectious disease because infections are common causes of disability and death, can be treated if recognized early, and patients can frequently be restored to their normal state of health. I chose HIV as a focus because it was a new disease at the time, and there was a huge need for physicians and researchers to develop new treatments.

At Grady we see patients from every continent except Antarctica. Because of this, we take care of patients with a wide variety of infectious diseases. In addition, Grady has the largest population of HIV-infected patients in the United States.

I remember, that in one day, I treated a pregnant woman from Africa with Malaria, a native Georgian with meningitis due to a soil fungus, and a person from Europe with tuberculosis. In each case my team and I were able to prescribe therapy that led to the eventual complete recovery of the patient. Each day at Grady offers extraordinary opportunity to employ our knowledge and skills as physicians for the good of patients.


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