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It was just another Saturday on December 10, 1836: Texas adopted a flag; a Trappist brewery opened in Belgium; Ralph Waldo Emerson paid off a debt. And Methodists in Georgia received a charter for a college.

Launching an educational enterprise ranks as a pretty good day's work. Certainly the aspirations of the college's founders -- Georgians all -- were great. Still, they could hardly have foreseen how their school and their state would change in the following decades.

The aspirations of Emory's founders have brought astonishing transformations. During 2011, Emory's 175th anniversary year, we celebrated this legacy and its impact.

'175' Things to Know about Emory

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Emory's flagship alumni magazine is celebrating with a story for each year of Emory's history -- the places, people, ideas, discoveries, gifts, resources and unexpected events that make up the past and present of this rich, complex, fascinating place. Many of these 175 stories you know well, some you may have forgotten, and others may surprise you.

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President Celebrates Emory at 175

President Wagner

Emory at 175: A world leader in discovery + learning

President James W. Wagner talked about Emory's accomplishments as the university celebrated its 175th year of discovery and learning. "All of these accolades ... offer a glimpse of the unique combination of people, places, resources and spirit that defines Emory as one of the world's leading centers for discovery and learning ..."

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Points of Pride

Emory & Georgia

Community Impact Study

Emory is a world-class university owing to remarkable support from the federal and state government, corporations and foundations, and private donors. Through partnerships, we create improved quality of life in Georgia, including a more educated workforce. Here's other evidence of Emory's impact:

Pitching in: We regularly scale our walls to work in the community, most notably through Emory Cares International Service Day each fall.

Bolstering the local economy: Emory accounted for more than $5 billion in economic output and more than 49,000 jobs statewide.

Stocking up on hammers and nails: Emory will spend more than $780 million in construction and renovation projects in the next five years, creating area jobs in a construction industry eager to rebound.

From our corner of this great state, we offer a wealth of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, arts and entertainment opportunities, and research and community service programs.

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