175 Makers of History: Edith Folsom Honeycutt

Edith Folsom Honeycutt 39M
Nurse Leader

Edith Honeycutt

Edith Folsom Honeycutt entered nursing school in 1936. Just five years later, physician Cyrus W. Stickler Sr. asked her if she would take over as a private-duty nurse for an elderly man "who can't keep nurses. He either fires them or they quit." She replied, "I won't quit, and he won't fire me."

That patient was Ernest Woodruff, father of Robert W. Woodruff. She worked for him until his death in 1944. In the end, she was available for four generations of the Woodruff family as well as Coca-Cola executives and others.

Honeycutt won the nursing school's alumni association Award of Honor in 1980. Two faculty chairs have been funded in her name at the nursing school.