175 Makers of History: Elizabeth Sholtys

Elizabeth Sholtys 07C
Founder, Ashraya Initiative for Children

Elizabeth Sholtys

In high school, Elizabeth Sholtys spent two years in Pune, India. Moved by the struggles of the city's many street children, Sholtys and six friends cofounded Ashraya Initiative for Children (AIC) -- Ashraya, means "hope," "trust," "shelter," and "protection" in Hindi. She had yet to complete her first year at Emory. Sholtys divided the remainder of her college career between Atlanta and Pune.

AIC now touches the lives of hundreds of children, offering them shelter, improving their health, helping them learn, and reaching out to the wider community. Sholtys serves as AIC's CEO (the nonprofit now has branches in six countries) and travels frequently between Pune and her home in the States.