175 Makers of History: Henry King Stanford

Henry King Stanford 36C 40G 61H
President of Five Colleges and Universities

Henry Stanford

Ascending to a university presidency is the pinnacle for many academics. Henry King Stanford did it five times.

He served as president of Georgia Southwestern (1948 - 1950), the Georgia State College for Women (1953 - 1956), Birmingham Southern (1957 - 1962), the University of Miami (1962 - 1981), and the University of Georgia (1986 - 1987).

But a quintet of president's offices wasn't high enough. Stanford reached for even greater summits; in 1988 (at the age of seventy-two), he climbed 18,000 feet up the east face of Mount Everest. "The next 5,000 feet had to be scaled at angles of 60 to 90 degrees," he recalled. "That was when the men were separated from the boys, and I became one of the boys and returned home."