175 or So Emory Makers of History

... and what they're famous for

Emory Makers of History, thoughtfully identified by a dedicated committee, are defined as men and women who have demonstrated some combination of these attributes to an exceptional and memorable degree:

  • ethical engagement and adherence to a moral path;
  • courageous leadership in behalf of the greater community or environment;
  • a legacy of imparting knowledge to others or of seeking new wisdom that has had a broader positive impact;
  • significant contributions to the life of Emory through continual involvement with the University or by making Emory better known nationally and abroad.

Here we present these select individuals in segments that reflect four significant periods of Emory's history:

  • 1836-1914: Founding of Emory College to founding of the Candler School of Theology
  • 1915-1947: Chartering of Emory University to end of the pre-research university
  • 1948-1977: Granting of Emory's first PhD degree to pre-Woodruff Gift
  • 1977-present: Woodruff Gift to present

Click on the individual names in this list to see more complete descriptions of their lives and contributions. We include class years with an abbreviation of the school attended after our alumni's names. For example, James W. Dooley, a 2011 Emory College of Arts and Sciences graduate, would be written as "James W. Dooley 11C. Here are the school abbreviations:

Emory honored its Makers of History at the 175th Anniversary Convocation in December 2011: Watch the YouTube video

Young John Allen 1858C Missionary to China; Translator; Educator
Tommie Dora Barker 1909G 30H Founding Dean of Library School
Alben W. Barkley 1900C 49H 35th Vice President of the United States
Catherine "Miss Kitty" Andrew Boyd Enslaved African American
Marion Luther Brittain 1886C 28H President of Georgia Tech
F. Phinizy Calhoun Sr. 1904M 54H Ophthalmology Pioneer; School of Medicine Faculty Member
Asa Griggs Candler Founder, The Coca-Cola Company; Philanthropist; Emory Board Chair
Charles Howard Candler Sr. 1898C 42H President, The Coca-Cola Company; Emory Board Chair
Warren Akin Candler 1875C 35H President and later Chancellor of Emory; Methodist Bishop
James W. Dooley 1899C 2002B 02T 03G 05N 06L 07PH 10G Spirit of Emory; 'Sui Generis'
John Emory Methodist Bishop
Ignatius Alphonso Few Founding President, Emory College
Luther Fischer 1899M Co-founder, Crawford Long Hospital (now Emory University Hospital Midtown)
Atticus Greene Haygood 1859C 1870H President of Emory College
Isaac Stiles Hopkins 1858C 1883H President of Emory; First President of Georgia Tech
L.Q.C. Lamar 1845C U.S. Senator; U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice
Dumas Malone, 1910C 36H Jefferson Biographer; Pulitzer Prize Winner
Kemp Malone 1907C 36H Medievalist
Arthur J. Moore 14C 34H Methodist Bishop
Howard W. Odum, 1904C 31H Sociologist
Thomas M. Rivers 1909C 36H Father of Modern Virology
Goodrich C. White 1908C 65H President, Emory University
George L.P. Wren 1859C Emory Diarist
Yun Ch'i-Ho 1893C 1908G First International Student; Author of Korean National Anthem

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Woolford B. Baker 20G Biology Professor; Early Emory Environmentalist
Jack Boozer 40C 42T Professor of Religion
Henry L. Bowden 32C 34L 59H Attorney; Board Chair during Desegregation
Ralph 40B & Russell Bridges 33B Emory Athletes and Creators of Bridges Award
Henry Morton Bullock 24C 25T Historian of Emory
Patricia Collins Butler 31L Attorney; Founder of the Supreme Court Historical Society
Ely R. Callaway Jr. 40C 96H Entrepreneur
James V. Carmichael 33C 34L Attorney; Businessman
Grady E. Clay 38C 86H Journalist; Writer
John B. Cobb Jr. 43Ox 56H Theologian
Ernest Cadman Colwell 23C 27T 44H President, University of Chicago; Founding Director, Emory's Institute of Liberal Arts
George S. Craft 31C 74H Dean of Business School
R. Howard Dobbs Jr. 27C 76H Atlanta Businessman; Emory Trustee; Philanthropist
Earl Dolive Sr. 40B Businessman
James Dombrowski 23C Civil Rights Activist
Virgil Y.C. Eady 36G Dean, Oxford College
Arthur Hollis Edens 28C 38G 49H President, Duke University
Cherry L. Emerson 38C 39G 94H Chemist; Philanthropist
Neal Bond Fleming 33C 36T Dean, Oxford College
Eléonore Raoul Greene 20L 79H First Female to Enroll at Emory
John A. Griffin 35C 38G 93H Civil Rights Activist
Moses Hadas 22C 56H Scholar of the Classics
Max R. Hall 32C 95H Author; Editor at Harvard University Press
Louis R. Harlan 43C 86H Pulitzer Prize Winner
William Earnest "Ernie" Harwell 40C Legendary Sportscaster
Edith Folsom Honeycutt 39N Nurse Leader
Ben F. Johnson Jr. 36C 40L 05H Dean of Law School during Desegregation
Boisfeuillet Jones 34C 37L 82H Emory Administrator; Developed The Emory Clinic
Robert Tyre "Bobby" Jones 29L Only Winner of Grand Slam in Golf
Howard R. Lamar 45C 75H Historian; President, Yale University
Charles T. Lester 31Ox 33C 34G Chemistry Faculty Member; Dean
R. Bruce Logue 34C 37M Pioneering Cardiologist
James A. Mackay 40C 47L 86H Congressman; Environmentalist
H. Prentice Miller 27C 28G Dean of Alumni
Mary Lynn Morgan 43D Pediatric Dentist; Trustee; Supporter of the Arts
Arnall Patz 43C 45M 85H Ophthalmology Researcher
David M. Potter 32C 57H Historian; Pulitzer Prize Winner
J. Marvin Rast 18C 29T Author of Alma Mater Lyrics
E. Hebert Rece 25G Dean of Students
Ferrol Sams 45M 90H Physician; Novelist
Thomas Fort Sellers 32M 60H Director, Georgia Department of Public Health
Edward J. Shea 44G Swim Coach
Henry King Stanford 36C 40G 61H President of Five Colleges & Universities
Eugene A. Stead Jr. 28C 32M 68H Founder, Duke University Physician Assistant Program
Kiyoshi Tanimoto 40T 86H Theologian; Founder, Hiroshima Peace Center Foundation
Randolph W. Thrower 34C 36L 84H Tax Lawyer; IRS Commissioner
J. Pollard Turman 34C 35L 73H Atlanta Business Executive; Trustee
Judson C. "Jake" Ward 33C 36G Dean; Vice President; Alumni Leader
Emory Williams 32C CEO, Sears, Roebuck, and Co.
C. Vann Woodward 30C 63H Historian; Pulitzer Prize Winner

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Terrence B. Adamson 68C 73L Executive Vice President, National Geographic Society
Anthony A. Alaimo 48L Federal Judge; Reformer
Delores P. Aldridge First Full-Time African American Faculty Member in Emory College
Thomas J.J. Altizer Theologian; Proponent of "the death-of-God movement"
Marvin S. Arrington 67L One of First Two African-American Law Graduates
W. Daniel Barker 49B Director of Hospitals
Verdelle Bellamy 63N One of First Two African American Graduates
Sanford D. Bishop Jr. 71L Congressman
Dorothy E. Brinsfield 52MR 64G Dean of Students, School of Medicine
Thomas E. Bryant 58C 62M 63MR Doctor; Attorney; Mental Health Advocate
M. Lanier "Sonny" Carter 69C 73M 74MR Astronaut
Joseph Maxwell "Max" Cleland 68G 79H U.S. Senator; Administrator of U.S. Veterans Affairs
Kenneth Cole 76C Fashion Designer; Social Activist
Clarence Cooper 67L One of First Two African-American Law Students
Lettie Pate Whitehead Evans First Female Emory Trustee
Austin M. Ford 50C Priest; Founder, Emmaus House
Ada Fort Dean, Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing
Billy E. Frye 54G 56PhD Provost, later Interim President of Emory University
Elizabeth Gambrell 31G 46M 49MR First Female Student in the School of Medicine
James R. Gavin 70G Physician; Expert on Diabetes
Newt Gingrich 65C Speaker of U.S. House
Han Wan-Sang 64G 67PhD 99H Korean Educator; Political Activist
Virginia Bales Harris 71C 77PH Public Health Advocate
Charles R. Hatcher Jr. Cardiovascular Pioneer at Emory
Susan T. Henry-Crowe 76T First Female President of the United Methodist Church's Judicial Council
Hamilton Holmes 67M 76MR First African American to Attend the School of Medicine
J. Willis Hurst 30-year Chair of Medicine; Author of 'The Heart'
L. Bevel Jones III 46C 49T 97H Methodist Bishop
William N. Kelley 60C 63M Medical Researcher; Leader in Academic Medicine
William M. Kelso 71PhD Archaeologist
Nelia J. 74T & R. Calvin Kimbrough 75T Humanitarians
Alan Lacy 77B CEO, Sears
A. Venable Lawson 50G Library Science Division Director
Lee Hong-Koo 57Ox 59C 86H Prime Minister of South Korea
Elliott H. Levitas 52C 56L Rhodes Scholar; Congressman
Francis A. "Frank" Manley 52C Poet; Novelist; Playwright
Henry A. Mann 62Ox 64C Architect
Kamal A. Mansour 68MR Cardiothoracic Surgeon; Humanitarian
Charles H. "Pete" McTier 61B President, Robert W. Woodruff Foundation
Sam Nunn 61L 62L 81H U.S. Senator
Mary Margaret Oliver 72L Legislator; Child Advocacy Leader
George H. Page 57C 90H Host, PBS 'Nature'
Evangeline T. Papageorge 29G 37M(H) 68M 71M 75M First Female Faculty Member in the School of Medicine
W. Clyde "Doc" Partin Sr. 50G 51G Director, Emory Athletics; Sports Historian
Alicia Philipp 75C President, Community Foundation for a Greater Atlanta
Catherine E. Rudder 69C First Female Executive Director of the American Political Science Association
Allie Saxon 63N One of First Two African American Graduates
Donna Keesler Schwartz 62C Philanthropist; Supporter of Arts at Emory
Claude F. Sitton 47Ox 49C 84H Journalist; Pulitzer Prize Winner
Jane E. Smith 70G President & CEO, National Council of Negro Women
John W. Stephenson 70C President, J. Bulow Campbell Foundation
Betty Marie Stewart 52N First Woman President, Emory Alumni Association
Barbara Brown Taylor 73C Priest; Preacher; Author
James Turpin 49C 51T 55M Founder, Project Concern International
H. Kenneth Walker 56Ox 58C 63M 70MR Doctor; Established First Pediatric Emergency Room in Republic of Georgia
James M. Wall 49C 55T 85H Editor, 'The Christian Century'
Dwight "Ronnie" Weathers 60C 62D 66D 66DR Dean, School of Dentistry
Nanette K. Wenger 59MR Chief of Cardiology, Grady Memorial Hospital
James B. Williams 55C 04H CEO, SunTrust Banks
Asa Yancey First African American Doctor at Grady Memorial Hospital

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Zain Ahmed 08C Founder of Global Health, Education and Economic Development, Inc.
Thurbert E. Baker 79L Georgia Attorney General
Michael C. 89H and Thalia N. Carlos Business Leader; Philanthropists
Jimmy Carter 79H 39th President of the United States
Katherine Anne Castor 88C Congresswoman
Saralyn Chesnut 94PhD First full-time director of Office of LGBT Life
Dan Costa 01B; David Roemer 02B; Ajay Pillarisetti 03B 07PH; Vijay Makar 02B Founders, Campus MovieFest
John Lloyd Cromartie 64C 88T Attorney; Minister
Ali P. Crown 85C Founding Director, Center for Women at Emory
Harrison Dillon 93C & Jonathan Wolfson 93C Founders, Solazyme
Julia Voorhees Emmons 73G 84PhD Executive Director, Atlanta Track Club
William H. Foege 86H Director, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Executive Director, The Carter Center
William H. Fox 79PhD Dean, Campus Life
Erik A. Fyfe 06C Developer of Emory's Biofuel Program
Eugene J. Gangarosa Global Health Faculty Member
Debbie Genzer 82C & Wendy Rosenberg Nadel 82C Founders, Volunteer Emory
Roberto C. Goizueta 90H CEO, The Coca-Cola Company; Philanthropist
Vladimer "Lado" Gurgenidze 93B Investment Banker; Prime Minister of Republic of Georgia
Beverly Guy-Sheftall 84PhD Professor, Spelman College
Bill Haslam 80C 49th Governor of Tennessee
Charles C. Haynes III 71C 85PhD Civil Rights Activist
Twilla Haynes 80N Humanitarian; Nurse
Arthur L. Kellermann 80M Founding Chairman of Department of Emergency Medicine
Arthur B. Keys 92T Founder of International Relief and Development
James T. Laney 94H President, Emory University; U.S. Ambassador
Christian P. Larsen 80C 84M 91MR Head of Transplant Program; Chair of Surgery
Dennis Liotta, Ray Schinazi, & Woo-Baeg Choi Inventors of Emtriva, AIDS Medication
Deborah E. Lipstadt Historian of the Holocaust
Michael L. Lomax 84G CEO, the United Negro College Fund
Patricia A. Lottier 84PH CEO, 'Atlanta Tribune'
Renelda Mack 83C Founder, Emory Cares
Duncan L. Niederauer 85B CEO, NYSE Euronext
James B. O'Neal 77Ox 79C Attorney; Founder, Legal Outreach
Thomas Glenn Pelham & Melissa Maxcy Wade 72C 76G 96T 00T Successive Barkley Forum Leaders
Amy Ray 86C & Emily Saliers 85C Indigo Girls
O. Wayne 86H & Grace Crum Rollins 95H Philanthropists
Kai Ryssdal 85C Host, NPR's 'Marketplace'
Leah Ward Sears 80L Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice
Elizabeth Sholtys 07C Founder, Ashraya Initiatve for Children
Alvin M. Sugarman 60B 88PhD Rabbi; Community Activist
Isam Vaid 93Ox 95C 99PH Founder, Muslim Student Association
William Warren IV 79M 82MR Founder, Good Samaritan Health Center
Paula Greenfield Washington 95PhD President, the Womentor Group
George W. Woodruff 80H Philanthropist
Nell Hodgson Woodruff Philanthropist
Robert W. Woodruff 12C 79H CEO, The Coca-Cola Company; Philanthropist

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