Susan Cruse

Susan Cruse, senior vice president for Development and Alumni Relations at Emory.

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Join Emory's Community of Generosity

Inspired by an athlete who lost his life to neurological disease, a Georgia family has raised thousands of dollars for research at Emory School of Medicine. An alumnus with a successful legal practice has created a scholarship fund for Emory Law students with financial need. The children of a beloved Oxford College dean have honored their late parents by funding an outdoor classroom.

Such stories of generosity in the Emory community are legion, and for two good reasons. First, Emory is a great investment, offering the kinds of dividends not possible in the financial markets. Among the many returns on an Emory investment are better health, artistic achievement, new ideas in science and technology, significant scholarship, and the education of some of the nation’s brightest students. All of these returns are certain, and all are invaluable. 

Second, Emory’s culture of philanthropy brings out the best in people. Some donors invest because they love the university and want to strengthen it. Others are committed to making the world a better place, and they believe an investment in Emory is a good place to start.

Whatever your inspiration for considering a gift to Emory, one of our professional staff members can help you find the perfect opportunity. Every investment fuels Emory’s mission, whether you create or contribute to an endowment, make an annual gift, remember Emory in your estate plans, or provide a gift of property. 

I invite you to join Emory’s philanthropic community this year. You’ll find it’s a welcoming one.

Susan Cruse, Senior Vice President
Development and Alumni Relations