Parent Philanthropy Message

Dear fellow members of the Emory parent community,

As national chairs of the Parent Leadership Board (PLB), we are honored to serve this important group at Emory and to continue our involvement in our son Jordan's education as we cultivate his lifelong association with the College.

Through the PLB we share a passion for nurturing career development, creating career paths, and preparing students for life after college by encouraging fluency in networking, as well as how to capitalize on internship opportunities and better navigate the interview process.

We will share our passion for career development, and we look forward to the chance to meet in person and to work with fellow parent board members from all over the globe. We are each grateful for what our education has given us and we are excited for this opportunity to pay it forward.

We are excited to work with you to support education at Emory, a great university that builds the foundation for a life of learning and provides the leverage for future generations to succeed. 

We look forward to meeting you and working together throughout your student’s time at Emory!



Drew and Michele Figdor P21
National Chairs
Emory Parent Leadership Board
Parent Philanthropy & Engagement