Commencement 2013: College Honors

This list of 2013 honors graduates is provided by the Emory College of Arts and Sciences. For more detailed information, please refer to the Electronic Theses + Dissertations Database.

Emily Ann Altman
Carla Freeman, Adviser
Thesis: Childhood Nutrition in Chile: An Assessment of a National School Food Program

Nikhil Kanth Amaram
Perisamy Selvaraj, Adviser
Thesis: Adjuvating Melanoma TMVs By Incorporating GPI-anchored Immunostimulatory Molecules To Induce B16F10 Melanoma Tumor Supression

Lucy Milus Anderson
Environmental Studies
Berry Brosi, Adviser
Thesis: Distinguishing Feral and Managed Honey Bees (Apis mellifera) Using Stable Carbon Isotopes

Max William Ashton
James Morey, Adviser
Thesis: Tempered Gold and Blessed Exile: Theological Coherence Through Poetics in the Old English Phoenix

Allison Leah Belfield
Political Science
David Davis, Adviser
Thesis: Foreign Direct Investment and Human Rights: A Look at Labor and Women's Rights

Matthew Samuel Birnbaum
Jeffrey Stehouwer, Adviser
Thesis: Synthesis and Characterization of N-alkyl-3-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-N-fluoroalkyl-2,5- dimethylpyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidin-7-amines as Potential CRF1 Receptor PET Radiotracers

Alexander Noah Blumberg
Political Science
Micheal Giles, Adviser
Thesis: Campaign Finance in the Post-Citizens United Era: The Impact of Independent Expenditures on Electoral Outcomes

Daniel Walden Bobier
Harry Rusche, Adviser
Thesis: Cloaks and Daggers: The Functions of Deceit in Paradise Lost

Susanna Elizabeth Brantley
Todd Schlenke, Adviser
Thesis: Conserved Signaling Mechanisms in the D.melanogater cellular immune response

Kathryn Garrett Breazeale
Sherryl Goodman, Adviser
Thesis: Analysis of Participants' Experiences of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Perinatal Depression

Donald Marion Bryant
Victor Corces, Adviser
Thesis: An Essential Role for MYST5 (CG1894) in Histone H4 Acetylation and RNA Polymerase II Pause Release

Ari Lance Buchman
Fraser Harbutt, Adviser
Thesis: A Missed Opportunity: Hawk Sale Spoils Kennedy's Attempt to Harness Arab Nationalism, 1961-1963

Heather Merrick Callaway
Barry Yedvobnick, Adviser
Thesis: Effects of Domino Mutations on Cell Proliferation in the Drosophilia Eye

Emily Ruth Calvert
International Studies
Thomas Remington, Adviser
Thesis: The Effect of Internet Usage on Media Freedom in the People's Republic of China

Maral Genevieve Cavner
Sam Cherribi, Adviser
Thesis: Shura/Discussion: How The American News Media Reports on Islam and Its Impacts on Muslim Americans in the United States

Yen-Fu Chen
David Lynn, Adviser
Thesis: Deoxy-Amine Nucleoside Polymers (dANP) to Control Gene Expression

Yuewen Chen
Tao Zha, Adviser
Thesis: Location Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in China

Chen Cheng
Applied Mathematics
James Nagy, Adviser
Thesis: Gradient Descent Methods for Large-Scale Linear Inverse Problems

Roshani Hitesh Chokshi
James Morey, Adviser
Thesis: Duality and Order: Establishing the Otherworld's Dominance and Role in the Hero's Journey

Emily Elizabeth Clark
Kathryn Amdur, Adviser
Thesis: The Edge Effect: Irish Borderlands and the Unnatural Geography of the Partition, 1920-1925

Sarah Catherine Clayton
Judith Miller, Adviser
Thesis: Realizing Spiritual Power: The Experience of Eighteenth-Century Methodist Women

Julia Morgan Commander
Dietrich Stout, Adviser
Thesis: Ancient Central American Stone Metates in the Michael C. Carlos Museum: Aspects of Use

Robert Thomas Cooper
German Studies
Peter Hoeyng, Adviser
Thesis: Musical Austrian Jewish Exiles: Examining the Jewish-Austrian Identities of Hermann Leopoldi and Georg Kreisler through Music

Sarah Katerina Corrigan
Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture
Sander Gilman, Adviser
Thesis: Freud and Schenker: Mind, Music, and the Loss of Play

Dana Lauren Covo
Paul Kelleher, Adviser
Thesis: A Study of the Varying Perspectives of Marriage in Jane Eyre, Middlemarch, and Jude the Obscure

Lindsey Marie Coyle
Karen Hegtvedt, Adviser
Thesis: Environmental Justice Evaluations Among Black Students

Kristen Elizabeth Cross
Environmental Studies
Thomas Gillespie, Adviser
Thesis: Factors Affecting Adenovirus Infection Dynamics in Wild Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) in Gombe National Park, Tanzania: Implications for Global Health and Biodiversity Conservation

Steffi Amber Delcourt
John Bugge, Adviser
Thesis: Creative Chaos: The Role of Creativity in Brave New World, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and Walden Two

Anand Anil Deshpande
Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture
Kimberley Loudermilk, Adviser
Thesis: From Slums to Skylines: The Effects of Mumbai Slum Rehabilitation on Economic Inclusion

Pooja Nimish Dhruva
Andrew Francis, Adviser
Thesis: The Effect of the Implementation of the Ventilator Bundle Checklist on Health Outcomes

Erica Lee Ditkoff
Judith Fridovich-Keil, Adviser
Thesis: Growth and Development in Girls and Women with Classic Galactosemia

Hanh Ngoc Do
Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture
Kevin Corrigan, Adviser
Thesis: The Myth of Self-Interest in Modern Scholarship and the Roles of the Actor-Spectator and Invisible Hand Models in the Works of Adam Smith

Leah Joy Dodell
Sue Mialon, Adviser
Thesis: Revisiting Biblical Games in a Bayesian Framework

Zachary Matthew Domach
Classics and History
Judith Evans Grubbs, Adviser
Thesis: Tempered in the Christian Fire: Greek and Roman Wisdom Literature in Early Christian Teaching and Moral Traditions

Josephine Duan
Lynne Nygaard, Adviser
Thesis: The Sound of Color: Do Prosodic Cues Reflect Perceived Color and Brightness?

Kimberly Marie Edmunds
Marjorie Pak, Adviser
Thesis: Chinese ESL Learners' Overuse of the Definite Article: A Corpus Study

Nour Mariam El-Kebbi
Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies
Devin Stewart, Adviser
Thesis: Qat Chews, Diwaniyas, and Coffeehouses: The Role of Informal Networks in Dictatorial States

Charles Lee Evavold
Physics and Astronomy
Richard Williamon, Adviser
Thesis: Defined Orbital Elements and Solution Parameters for Binary Star System ET Tau

Sara Ruth Faber
Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies
Naama Harel, Adviser
Thesis: Between Babylon and Zion: The Conception of Home in Eli Amir's The Dove Flyer and Scapegoat

Ariella Tali Faitelson
Tracy Scott, Adviser
Thesis: Female Athletes in a Dual-World: How they Manage, Negotiate, and Tread the Waters of Conflicting Notions of Body Types

Ian Rubin Fried
Environmental Studies
Thomas Gillespie, Adviser
Thesis: Effects of Socio-Ecological Variability on Patterns of Gastrointestinal Virus Prevalence and Diversity in the Lemur Community of Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar

Collier Lane Gailmard
Cheryl Crowley, Adviser
Thesis: Inoue Hisashi and the Idiot Cicada

Dara Turek Gever
Joyce Flueckiger, Adviser
Thesis: Contemporary Campus Kiruv at Emory: Departing from "Outreach"and "Returning" to Judaism

Jessica Claire Ginsberg
Jewish Studies
Donald Seeman, Adviser
Thesis: "Bring Me the Sword!": A Comparative Analysis of How a Modern Day King Solomon Might Approach Assisted Reproductive Technologies From the Jewish and Roman Catholic Perspectives

Nicholas Linas Going
Matthew Payne, Adviser
Thesis: The Seductive Automobile: Automobile Culture as a Vehicle for Americanization, 1950-1973

Hannah Meryl Goldstein
Patricia Brennan, Adviser
Thesis: Behavioral and Cortisol Reactivity in Preschool Aged Children at High Risk for Bipolar Disorder

Jared Vega Goodman
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Kerry Ressler, Adviser
Thesis: A Role for Notch Pathway Signaling in Amygdala-Dependent Fear Learning

Camden Douglas Gowler
Jacobus de Roode, Adviser
Thesis: Parasite Resistance and the Potential Longevity Costs of a High Cardenolide Diet in the Monarch Butterfly

Samantha Alyson Green
Huw Davies, Adviser
Thesis: Synthesis of Highly Functionalized Pyrroles Using a Dirhodium Catalyst

Phillip David Grudzina
Patrick Allitt, Adviser
Thesis: From Pariahs to Patriots: Organized Atheism in America, 1925-2011

Jaiqi Guo
Applied Mathematics
Ken Ono, Adviser
Thesis: An Exposition of the Riemann Zeta Function and Its Values at Integers

Jacob George Habib
Jacques Galipeau, Adviser
Thesis: Peripheral Regulatory B Cell Phenotype in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Michael Mitchell Halista
Arshed Quyyumi, Adviser
Thesis: Assessing the Relationship between Depression and Severity of Coronary Artery Disease

Timothy Yuichi Ikebuchi Harland
Theater Studies
Donald McManus, Adviser
Thesis: Before the Gaze: A Historical and Performative Perspective of the Theatrical Mask

Hillary Ann Harris
Film and Media Studies
Amy Aidman, Adviser
Thesis: From the 'Street' to the 'Neighborhood': A Historical Comparison and Analysis of Prosocial Public Television Edutainment

Michael David Harris
Donald Verene, Adviser
Thesis: Self-Knowledge in Late Modernity: Hegel, Culture and Contemporary Art

Camilia Ann Heninger
Richard Prior, Adviser
Thesis: Senior Honors Recital

Nicholai Anthony Henry
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Darryl Neill, Adviser
Thesis: Roles of Sub-Regions of the Ventromedial Nucleus of the Thalamus (VMT) in an Attentional Task

Anne Rene Hermes
Patricia Bauer, Adviser
Thesis: Emotional Memory: Mechanisms of Anticipation and Attention

Jacqueline Ho
Andrew Francis, Adviser
Thesis: What Makes You Rich and Others Poor: How Many Spelling Contests You Win, How Many Wrinkles You Have, or What the President Has in Mind for Your Breakfast Table? The Relationship between Income Inequality and Returns to Education in Urban China, 1988-2002

Preston Carter Hogue
Joseph Crespino, Adviser
Thesis: "The Tie That Binds": White Church Flight in Atlanta, 1955-1985

Amanda Nichole Hutson
James Melton, Adviser
Thesis: Becoming British: The Transformation of Scottish National Identity in the Long Eighteenth Century

Jessica Leigh Jaksich
English and Creative Writing
Jim Grimsley, Adviser
Thesis: Next Stop, Heartland

Yaseen Ali Jamal
Richard Patterson, Adviser
Thesis: Beginning a Science of Morality: How the Link between Well-Being and Neurobiology Can Define Human Values

Hamin Jeon
Laura Finzi, Adviser
Thesis: Physical Characteristics of DAP DNA

Victoria Shuangbai Jiang
Frank McDonald, Adviser
Thesis: Synthesis and Characterization of Organic and Inorganic Compounds with Biological and Material Applications

Xi Jiang
Paul Doetsch, Adviser
Thesis: Exploring the Relationship of Abasic Sites to Reactive Oxygen Species Generation in a Yeast Model System

Sally Jo
Kathy Griendling, Adviser
Thesis: The Effect of Diaphanous-Related Formin-1 (mDia1) on α-Tubulin Expression and Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Migration

Erica Frances Jordan
Kristin Wendland, Adviser
Thesis: Musical Expressions of Somali Identity in the North American Diaspora

Madeline Jaye Kahn
Donald Verene, Adviser
Thesis: An Exploration of the Name from a Philosophical Perspective

Hyeok Hweon Kang
Tonio Andrade, Adviser
Thesis: Big Heads, Bird Guns and Gunpowder Bellicosity: Revolutionizing the Choson Military in Seventeenth Century Korea

Hannah Haejin Kim
Frederick Marcus, Adviser
Thesis: From Supremacy to Complementarity: The Development of Platonic Time

Jung Hwan Kim
Shomu Banerjee, Adviser
Thesis: The Iraq War as a Bayesian Game: The Government, the Media, and the Electorates

Sarah Harrington Klass
Stefan Lutz, Adviser
Thesis: Characterization of Novel HydX Protein and Its Involvement in the Formation of the Active Site in [Fe-Fe] Hydrogenases

Shiva Kooragayala
Political Science
Michael Rich, Adviser
Thesis: Influence of Rising Suburban Poverty on the Housing Choice Voucher Program: A Case Study of Atlanta

Jamie Eve Landman
Hugo Mialon, Adviser
Thesis: How Many Calories in the Big Apple?

Daniel Lynn Ledford
Religion and Classical Civilization
Sandra Blakely, Adviser
Thesis: Augustanization of Sacred Space: The Sanctuary of Apollo in Pompeii

Daniel Kwanhyoung Lee
David Howard, Adviser
Thesis: The Rising Price of Anticancer Medicine Based on Social Norm

Sul Ki Lee
Educational Studies
Mei-Lin Chang, Adviser
Thesis: Adaptive Behavior in Mathematics: Exploring the Development of Self-Regulation in Middle School Students

Sarah Illana Leiter
Benjamin Hary, Adviser
Thesis: Christianese: A Sociolinguistic Analysis of the Evangelical Christian Dialect of American English

Daniel Eduardo Lemaitre
International Studies
Jeffrey Staton, Adviser
Thesis: Following the Leader: What Accounts for the Variation in Timing of Conditional Cash Transfers in Latin America?

Susan Danielle Levinson
Karen Stolley, Adviser
Thesis: Los Desconocidos Sin Voces: Living without Status in the Liminal USA

Rebecca Haibeck Levitan
Art History
Bonna Wescoat, Adviser
Thesis: Visibility and Impact: The Role of Color on the Parthenon's Ionic Frieze

Imani L. Lewis
African American Studies
Leslie Harris, Adviser
Thesis: The Other N-Word: The History and Signification of Black Women's Hair in the United States

Zhijia Liang
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Shannon Gourley, Adviser
Thesis: 7,8-Dihydroxyflavone Facilitates the Consolidation of Reward-Related Learning

Ping Chu Lin
Donald Verene, Adviser
Thesis: Hegel's Phenomenology of the Absolute

Michelle R. Linch
Lynne Nygaard, Adviser
Thesis: The Role of Sound Symbolism in Product-Label Pairings

Hongbo Liu
Economics and Mathematics
Latika Lagalo, Adviser
Thesis: A Comprehensive Analysis of Determinants of the U.S. National Retail Price of Gasoline

Wei Liu
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Donald Rainnie, Adviser
Thesis: Potential Regulation of AMP-Activated Protein Kinase Pathway in Stress Induced Synaptic Plasticity in the Basolateral Complex of the Amygdala

Xiang Liu
David Weiss, Adviser
Thesis: Elucidating Polymyxin's Mode of Action and PrpA's (Polymyxin Resistance Protein A) Function in Acinetobacter baumannii

Ismael Ivan Loera
Jose Soria, Adviser
Thesis: Incorporating the Scientific Contributions of Research Faculty into the Chemical Education of Undergraduate Students at Emory Univeristy

Kevin Man-Hin Luk
John Lucchesi, Adviser
Thesis: Role of Topoisomerase I in Drosophila melanogaster's Mechanism of Dosage Compensation

Camille Venee Maddox
African American Studies
Leroy Davis Jr., Adviser
Thesis: "The Way Opportunities Unlimited, Inc.," A Movement for Black Equality in Minneapolis, Minnesota 1966-1970

Sweta Lakshmi Maturu
International Studies
Kyle Beardsley, Adviser
Thesis: The United Nations Peacekeeping and Rule of Law Reform in Post-Conflict Societies

Myles Randolph McCrary
Paula Vertino, Adviser
Thesis: The Epigenetic Effects of Radiation Exposure

Andrew Philip McLeod
Mathematics and Computer Science
Li Xiong, Adviser
Thesis: Automatic Transcription of Musical Signals with Linear Matching Pursuit

Rebecca Leigh McManus
Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Bonna Wescoat, Adviser
Thesis: The Adaptation of Greek Architectural Decoration in Monumental Thracian Tombs in the Kazanlak Valley

Syed Kaunain Mehdi
Paul Doetsch, Adviser
Thesis: The Regulation of Base Excision Repair: The Effects of Sumoylation on Ntg1 Function

Julia Danielle Merlin
Hillary Rodman, Adviser
Thesis: The Prevalence and Genesis of Proximal and Distal Resilience in an Urban Trauma Population

Lan Mi
Applied Mathematics
Alessandro Veneziani, Adviser
Thesis: Option Pricing: Levy Process

Andrew Joseph Mongue
Jacobus de Roode, Adviser
Thesis: Dynamics of Multiple Matings in Monarch Butterflies

Derrick Lynn Montgomery Jr.
Scott Stewart, Adviser
Thesis: Trumpet Performance Recital

Rebecca Emily Morris
Economics and Mathematics
David Frisvold, Adviser
Thesis: The Effects of Higher Education Tax Benefits and Aid Information on College Decisions

Joshua Campbell Moscow
Political Science
Randall Strahan, Adviser
Thesis: Compliance with the Regular Order in the U.S. Senate

Jacob Walker Murphy
Patrick Allitt, Adviser
Thesis: Meditating Chaos: The Response of American Intellectuals to Threats and Acts of Terrorism: 1991-2011

Gabriel Charlie John Magnus Nahmias
Political Science
Richard Doner, Adviser
Thesis: Organized Labor in a Globalized World: The Impact of Increasing International Economic Integration on the Strategies of Trade Unions

Keerthana Nimmala
Political Science
J. Judd Owen, Adviser
Thesis: Finding Justice: The City-Soul Analogy in Plato's Republic

Ariane M. Noar
International Studies
Carrie Wickham, Adviser
Thesis: Voting in New Democracies: The Case of Egypt's First Post-Mubarak Elections

Rebecca Marie Nocharli
Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture
Regine Jackson, Adviser
Thesis: Gender Inequality: The Case of Derivative Citizenship in Lebanon

Suzie Noh
Economics and Mathematics
Kaiji Chen, Adviser
Thesis: How Much Can the U.S. Property and Casualty Insurers Cover Catastrophic Losses? Measuring the Capacities of the Property and Casualty Insurance Markets in California, Delaware, Iowa, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, and Connecticut

Olivia Suwe Odoffin
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Robert McCauley, Adviser
Thesis: Toward an Interdisciplinary Theory of Consciousness: Methodology, Reductionism and Mechanistic Analysis

Andres Oliver
English and Creative Writing
Jim Grimsley, Adviser
Thesis: The Margin

Shu Wen Ong
Marshall Duke, Adviser
Thesis: Integrating Science and the Humanities? A Comparison of Quantitative Versus Qualitative Narrative Analysis Through a Study of Bilingual Autobiographies

John Claiborne Owens
Applied Physics
Sergei Urazhdin, Adviser
Thesis: Designing a Magnetometer

Fu Wei Pang
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
E. Christopher Muly, Adviser
Thesis: Effects of Stress on A-Type K+ Channel Subunit Kv4.2 Distribution in the Basolateral Amygdala

Sarah Victoria Parks
Art History
Rebecca Stone, Adviser
Thesis: 'Dis'-abilities as Divine: Bodily Anomalies and Shamanic Power in Ancient Costa Rican Ceramic Effigies

William C. Partin III
Art History
Todd Cronan, Adviser
Thesis: The Painter as Architect: Two Decorative Commissions by Henri Matisse

Trisha Mukesh Patel
Anthropology and Human Biology
Melvin Konner, Adviser
Thesis: Obesity in Hispanic Children: The Effect of Parent's Nutritional Knowledge

Whitney Claire Pennington
Environmental Studies
Gonzalo Vazquez-Prokopec, Adviser
Thesis: A Descriptive Study of Salmonella in Passerines in Urban Atlanta

Gabrielle Doan Phuong Phan
Paul Kelleher, Adviser
Thesis: Sex (Duality): Exploring Constructions of Gender in 20th Century Speculative Fiction

Stephanie Joy Phillis
Steven L'Hernault, Adviser
Thesis: The Number of Membranous Organelles in Mutant and Wild Type C. elegans Spermatids

Alexandra Jeannette Pill
Anthropology and Human Biology
George Armelagos, Adviser
Thesis: Changing Food Landscapes: Understanding the Food Truck Movement in Atlanta, Georgia

Julia Marie Prochazka
Dierdra Reber, Adviser
Thesis: Mother of the Mountains: The Virgin Mary as a Bridge from the Inka Past to Post-Colonial Christian-Andean Religiosity

Phillip Mark Rauscher
Connie Roth, Adviser
Thesis: Effect of Adjacent Rubbery Layers on the Physical Aging of Polymer Glasses

Victoria Lynne Reines
Stephanie Sherman, Adviser
Thesis: Targeted Clinical Drug Trials for Intellectual Disabilities: The Decision-Making Process

Astrid Berenice Reyes
Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Pamela Scully, Adviser
Thesis: Sexual Violence in South Africa: Negotiating Constitutional Rights and Cultural Discourses of Gender

William Rhoads
Cornelia Wilhelm, Adviser
Thesis: The Political Shift of the CDU in Citizenship and Immigration Policy from Reunification to the Implementation of an Immigration Law in 2005

Caitlin Elizabeth Ryan
Art History
Todd Cronan, Adviser
Thesis: The Most Refractory Medium: Albert Renger-Patzsch, Edward Weston, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Photographic Discourse circa 1929

Perrinh Tritinass Savang
Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture
Leslie Harris, Adviser
Thesis: Making Spaces: Gay and Lesbian Student Activism at Emory University (1972-1988)

Michal Naava Schatz
Walter Adamson, Adviser
Thesis: Shattered: Intellectual Life in Communist Britain, 1945-1962

Jamie Erin Schlansky
English and Creative Writing
Lynna Williams, Adviser
Thesis: Your Word Against Mine

Deborah Joanne Schlein
Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies
Devin Stewart, Adviser
Thesis: The Talent and The Intellect: The Qayna's Application of Skill in the Umayyad and 'Abbasid Royal Courts

Joseph Thomas Shea
Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture
Peter Wakefield, Adviser
Thesis: Re-Localizing the Joy of Food: A Sustainable, Desirable Future

Hewei Shen
Andrew Francis, Adviser
Thesis: Economic Returns to Chinese Communist Party Membership

Jonathan Henry Silberman
Political Science
Andra Gillespie, Adviser
Thesis: Retrospective Voting in the 2012 Election

Ross Glen Slutsky
Allen Tullos, Adviser
Thesis: Netflix: Tales from Television's Digital Frontier

Delia Anne Solomon
Carol Anderson, Adviser
Thesis: Shattering the "Shell of Constraint" in Angola: U.S. Covert Collusion with Apartheid South Africa, 1974-1976

James Russell Sunshine
Political Science
Alan Abramowitz, Adviser
Thesis: Ideology and the Informed Voter: Analyzing the Effect Ideology Has on an Individual's Ability to Retain Information

Janielle Kerri-Ann Taylor
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Xi Lin, Adviser
Thesis: The Use of Micro-Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Micro-MRI) to Study Morphological Changes in the Cochlea of Conditional Connexin26 (cCx26) Null Mice

Keitra LaShawn Thompson
Anthropology and Human Biology
Leandris Liburd, Adviser
Thesis: "It Just Ain't Like It Used To Be": The Relationship of Food, Culture, and Metabolic Disease in African American Senior Citizens of the South

Nicholas Jacob Thompson
Arthur English, Adviser
Thesis: Enhancement of Peripheral Nerve Regeneration Due to Treadmill Training and Electrical Stimulation Is Dependent on Androgen Receptor Signaling

David Quoc Trac
My N. Helms, Adviser
Thesis: Rac1/Tiam1-Mediated Nadph Oxidase Activation of Epithelial Sodium Channels Regulates Neonatal Lung Aeration and Alveolar Development

Milan U. Udawatta
Politlcal Science
Thomas Walker, Adviser
Thesis: Crime and Gangs: Achievement Gap in Chicago Public Schools

Cynthia Alexandra Vint
Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies
Vincent Cornell, Adviser
Thesis: The Effects of Anglo-Muhammadan Law on the Indian Muslim Family Estate

Andrew Thanh Vu
Fereydoon Family, Adviser
Thesis: Visualizing Spacetime Curvature in Binary Black Holes Mergers using Tendex and Vortx Lines

Jun Wang
Economics and Mathematics
Caroline Fohlin, Adviser
Thesis: The Impact of Tick Size Reduction on NYSE: A Difference-In-Difference Analysis

Yifan Wang
Applied Mathematics
Alessandro Veneziani, Adviser
Thesis: A Computational Analysis of the Black-Scholes Equation

Victor Taylor Warren
Seth Norrholm, Adviser
Thesis: An Analysis of Retrieval-Enhanced Extinction Paradigms Using Fear-Potentiated Startle and Cognitive Awareness Measures

Aaron Edward Whitehead
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Thaddeus Pace, Adviser
Thesis: The Relationship Between Public Speaking Performance, Interpersonal Factors, and Endocrine and Inflammatory Response To Stress

Tracey Maria Williams
John Lysaker, Adviser
Thesis: Viewing Non-Human Animals Morally: How Should We Approach Our Relationship with Non-Human Animals and What Are Potential Policy Changes We Can Make?

Laura Devon Withers
Carol Anderson, Adviser
Thesis: A Struggle for Power and Sovereignty: The International Criminal Court and Uganda

Kerri Eileen Woodward
Patricia Brennan, Adviser
Thesis: Delivery Complications and Parenting Behaviors as Predictors of Externalizing Problems in the Preschool Period

Xinhui Wu
Applied Mathematics
David Borthwick, Adviser
Thesis: Convergence of Circle Packing in Euclidean Plane

Satoshi Yamanaka
Periasamy Selvaraj, Adviser
Thesis: The Effect of Vaccination of TMVs Expressing GPI-mIL-12 and GPI-mGM-CSF on a Colon Cancer Model

Se Hwan Youn
International Studies
Kyle Beardsley, Adviser
Thesis: The Search for Credibility in Crisis Bargaining and Nuclear Blackmail

Theo Young
Richard Patterson, Adviser
Thesis: Relational Perspective Neutral Monism: an Alternative Approach to Establishing a Science of Mind/Consciousness

Shawn Fareed Yousif
Economics and Mathematics
Maria Arbatskaya, Adviser
Thesis: Corruption in the Market for Government Procurement Contracts

Xiya Zhu
Arthur English, Adviser
Thesis: Selective Stabilization of Synaptic Inputs onto Motoneurons by Postsynaptic trkB Receptors

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