Commencement 2014: College Honors

This list of 2014 honors graduates is provided by the Emory College of Arts and Sciences. For more detailed information, please refer to the Electronic Theses + Dissertations Database.

Zakiya Kalere Adams
Educational Studies
Carole Hahn, Adviser
Thesis: The International Student Experience: A Case Study at One American University

Alizeh Ahmad
Tara Doyle, Adviser
Thesis: Hizmet Travels: From Anatolia to Atlanta

Dallas Lai-Ahn Albritton
Mathematics and Computer Science
Vladmir Oliker, Adviser
Thesis: Christoffel's Problem and the Generalized Green's Function for a Shifted Laplacian on the Hypersphere

Ivan Antolic-Soban
Nicole Gerardo, Adviser
Thesis: Opening Pandora's Box: Toward an Anti-Fungal Defense Mechanism

Ellen Elizabeth Attorri
Harry Rusche, Adviser
Thesis: Queen Elizabeth and the Women of The Faerie Queene

Nandita N. Balakrishnan
International Studies
David Davis, Adviser
Thesis: The Internet: Changing the Way We Think About Women's Rights?

Lauren Ashley Ball
Physics and Astronomy
Stefan Boettcher, Adviser
Thesis: Renormalization Group Solution of the Chutes and Ladders Model

Emory Wilson Bell
Creative Writing
Lynna Williams, Adviser
Thesis: Second Son Lihao

Rebecca Kelsie Berge
Math and Political Science
Beth Reingold, Adviser
Thesis: I Am Somebody: Do Legislator Descriptive Characteristics Help Explain Representation of the Low-Income, A Marginalized Subgroup?

Emily Aidan Berthiaume
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Samuel Sober, Adviser
Thesis: Pitch Shift Correction to the Song Patterning Changes Induced by Delayed Auditory Feedback in Bengalese Finches

Maglyn Brenna Bertrand
Stephen Crist, Adviser
Thesis: The Development and Revitalization of the Chilean and Argentine New Song Movement

Holly J. Bok
Enviornmental Studies
Berry Brosi, Adviser
Thesis: The Effect of Interspecific and Intraspecific Competition on Floral Fidelity in Pollinator Bee Species

Eugenia Lucian Botezat
Randy Trumbower, Adviser
Thesis: Hand Function Improvements Following Intermittant Hypoxia in Spinal Cord Injury

Brian David Breeden
Michele Benzi, Adviser
Thesis: Total Communicability of Temporal Matrix vs Aggregate Graph Using a Food Web

Elizabeth Gardner Bruml
International Studies
Eric Reinhardt, Adviser
Thesis: Investor Protection and Stock Market Growth: The Effect of Coalition Governments on Enforcement of Shareholder Rights in Central and Eastern European Countries

Shannon Perry Buckley
Appied Mathematics
Alessandro Veneziani, Adviser
Thesis: Image Recognition of Coronary Stents for Automatic Construction of 3D Patient Specific Models

Rebecca Edmunds Butterfield
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Astrid Prinz, Adviser
Thesis: Investigating Electrical Activity Accompanying Functional Recovery of Pyloric Circuit Following Isolation from Neuromodulatory Inputs

Hyo Yul Byun
Computer Science
Helen Mayberg, Adviser
Thesis: Support Vector Machine Classification of Resting State fMRI Datasets using Network Clusters

Brianne Emily Caoyonan
Pariasamy Selvaraj, Adviser
Thesis: Intravenous vs. Subcutaneous Prophylactic Vaccination of Pprotein Transferred 4TO7TMVs Against 4TO7-HER2 Murine Breast Cancer

Rachel Elizabeth Cawkwell
Laura Otis, Adviser
Thesis: Representation of Charitable Relationships in Jane Eyre and Middlemarch

Woo Young Choi
International Studies
Eric Reinhardt, Adviser
Thesis: Antidumping Duties Against China: Analyzing the Effect of China's Accession to the World Trade Organization

Carolyn Cohen
Huw Davies, Adviser
Thesis: Impact of Silyl Ethyl Esters on the Rhodium (II)-Catalyzed Transformations of Donor/Acceptor Carbenes

Kaitlin Cole Conroy
Stella Lourenco, Adviser
Thesis: Understanding Early Perceptual Biases towards Threatening Animals: A Possible Precursor to Fear

Steven Robert Crist
Michael Sullivan, Adviser
Thesis: Invisible Inequality: A Look at Utility and Rights Problems Associated with Anonymous Online Speech

Paul Bryan Cronan
Rebecca Burns, Adviser
Thesis: A Tale of Two Murders: Media Coverage of Homicide in Atlanta

Kristin Grace Denlinger
Phillip Wolff, Adviser
Thesis: The Role of Syntax in Word Conversion: Uses and Limits of a Corpus-Based Approach to Converted Denominal Verbs

Matthew Jon Deslauriers
Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture
Elizabeth Goodstein, Adviser
Thesis: Negotiation and Transformation: The Grand Boulevards of Paris as Non-Places and New Types of Social Space

Hazel Marie Bernardo Doctor
Phillippe Rochat, Adviser
Thesis: Popularity Perception and Favoritism by 3- to 7-Year Old Children

Maija-Liisa Jurva Ehlinger
Elena Conis, Adviser
Thesis: Writing the Numbers: The Role of Statictics in Vaccination Campaigns and Progressive Era Public Health Literature

Daniel Barnes Eidell
International Studies
Richard Doner, Adviser
Thesis: The Perils of Production: The Impact of Oil and Gas Production on the Availability of Credit

Deema Elchoufi
Environmental Sciences
Thomas Gillespie, Adviser
Thesis: Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistance in Humans, Wildlife, and livestock in and around Gombe National Park, Tanzania

Jessica Ann Ennis
International Studies
Richard Doner, Adviser
Thesis: Playing for Keeps: Theater for Development (TfD) and Collective Action

Jeffeline Ermilus
Alexander Hicks, Adviser
Thesis: Voter Supression in a "Post-Racial" Society Examining Allegations of Voter Disenfranchisement

Kristen Nicole Errico
Andreas Fritz, Adviser
Thesis: Zebrafish as a Future Model for the Study of Human Chordomas

Shahdabul Faraz
Xiaodong Cheng, Adviser
Thesis: Purification, Activity and Crystallization of the SET10 Protein

Ross David Fogg
Walter Kalaidjian, Adviser
Thesis: "It Never was America To Me": An Examination of Great Depression Literature

Ariel Renee Friedman
Chinese Language and Literature
Maria Sibau, Adviser
Thesis: Shengnu: The Leftover Woman and Changing Perspectives of Feminism in Urban China

Arielle Hannah Friehling
Psychology and Linguistics
Laura Namy, Adviser
Thesis: Emergence and Development of Phonological Awareness in 2.5-and 3.5- year old Children

Sahil Khawar Gilani
James Hoesterey, Adviser
Thesis: Succession to Muhammed and its Sectarian Ramifications

Christian David Gonzalez
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Andrew Escayg, Adviser
Thesis: Investigating the Expression Profile of the Scn8a Voltage-gated Sodium Channel in the Cerebral Cortex and the Thalamus

Anna Catherine Gordan
International Studies
Carrie Wickham, Adviser
Thesis: The Changing Nature of al-Qaeda: Changes in al-Qaeda's organizational structure and the effect of U.S. Counterterrorism Measures

Nicholas Benjamin Green
English and Creative Writing
Jim Grimsley, Adviser
Thesis: The Man Aflame

Kendyll Sherrie Gross
Art History
Rebecca Stone, Adviser
Thesis: The Plant Teachers: Trichocereus and Anadenanthera in the Imagery of Tiwanaku's Bennett Monolith

Yiru Gu
Juan Leon, Adviser
Thesis: The Effects of Produce Type on the Concentration and Prevalence of Microbal Contamination of Mexican Produce and Associated Irrigation Water

Ankita Anand Gumaste
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Robert Liu, Adviser
Thesis: Estrogen- and Experience-dependant Fos Expression in Locus Coeruleus in Adult Female Mice following Exposure to Pup Calls

Emily Rene Gutierrez
English and Creative Writing
Lynna Williams, Adviser
Thesis: Cicadas in Summer

Emily Talley Hammond
Dance and Movement Studies
Gregory Catellier, Adviser
Thesis: A Choreographic Exploration of Site Context

Sarah Katherine Hampton
Liv Stutz, Adviser
Thesis: The Past in the Present: The Role of the Holocaust in Modern Jewish American Identity

Junying He
Applied Mathematics
David Borthwick, Adviser
Thesis: A Numerical Study on an Eigenvalue Conjecture

Lonnie Floyd Hollingsworth III
Art History
Walter Melion, Adviser
Thesis: Painting and Patronage in the 16th Century Dutch Low Countries

Maya Lombardo Hubbard
Theater Studies
Vinnie Murphy, Adviser
Thesis: Conscious Gender Performance: Reappropriating Women's Bodies through Performance

Nadine Juwita Jacquez
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Todd Preuss, Adviser
Thesis: Mapping the Major Connections of the Amygdala in Chimpanzees and Humans using Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) and Probabilistic Tractography

Sandy Jiang
Anthropology and Human Biology
Michelle Lampl, Adviser
Thesis: An Ethnobotanical Study of Three Generations of Chinese and Taiwanese Immigrant Health Perspectives

Mingjie Jiao
Latika Lagalo, Adviser
Thesis: The Effects of Changes in Gasoline Proces on Hybrid Car Sales in the U.S.

Shiyin Jiao
William Lewis, Adviser
Thesis: The Effects of HCV Core Protein on Mitochondrial Respiration

Phillip Chuel Jo
Cory Labrecque, Adviser
Thesis: Ethics of Memory Modifications: Insights from the Roman Catholic Tradition

Andrew W. Jones
James Morey, Adviser
Thesis: "The Carnival in the Maze": Classical and Courtly Perspectives on Life and Love in Chaucer's Dream Vision Poetry

Skylar Chase Kalin
Tracy Scott, Adviser
Thesis: A New Take on an Age-Old Dilemma: A Study of Gender as it Applies to the Work Aspirations of Emory University Undergraduate Students

Wenting Kang
Scott Lilienfeld, Adviser
Thesis: Comparison of Psychopathic Traits between Individualistic and Collectivist Cultures using a North American and an Asian Sample

Drew Reeson Kaup
Gary Laderman, Adviser
Thesis: Unaffiliation: Where New Atheism Went Wrong, and How "South Park" Paved the Way for the 'Rise of the Nones'

Mary Claire Kelly
Hank Klibanoff, Adviser
Thesis: "An Atmosphere of Fear": One Man's Death in the Civil Rights Struggle in Terrell County, Georgia

Geunyoung Kim
Economics and Mathematics
Sue Mialon, Adviser
Thesis: Adultery Laws: The Effect of Legal Sanctions on Marital Investment and Adultery

Jason H. Kim
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Ronald Calabrese, Adviser
Thesis: Motor Control of Heartbeat Coordination in the Medicinal Leech

Jee Young Kim
Dwight Andrews, Adviser
Thesis: Changjak Gugak as a Symbol of Modern Korean Culture and Tradition

Young Eun Kim
English and Creative Writing
Joseph Skibell, Adviser
Thesis: Detour

Ian Lewis Kirby
Marjorie Pak, Adviser
Thesis: 'Any' as a Negative Polarity Item: From Old English to Early Modern English

Tara Sara Knapp
Political Science
Michael Rich, Adviser
Thesis: A Matter of Effectiveness: Understanding the Relationship between Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Funding and Self-Sufficiency

Jacob Aaron Krakovsky
Theater Studies
Donald McManus, Adviser
Thesis: A Fox in the Ruins: Comedy and Calamity in Pursuit of a New Holocaust Theater

Daniel Adam Kuzmanovich
James Roark, Adviser
Thesis: Manchester: A Mirco-Historical Approach to Bristish Abolitionism, 1787-1807

Rachel Danielle Leff
Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture
Kevin Corrigan, Adviser
Thesis: Language and Perception: Development of and Attitudes Towards Dialects of American English

Benjamin Daniel Leiner
James Roark, Adviser
Thesis: Rebelling Against the King: Opposition to the Confederate Cotton Embargo in 1861

Hilary Anne Lerner
Peter Brown, Adviser
Thesis: Burmese Refugees in The United States: Resettlement Barriers, Access to Healthcare, and Adjusting to Life in Atlanta, GA

Hannah Michelle Lerner
Eun Seok Cha, Adviser
Thesis: Social Influence and Weight Misperception in Overweight and Obese Young Adults

Whitney Hyun Lew
Eugene Emory, Adviser
Thesis: Early Neurobehavioral Development: Neuromotor Integration and Prenatal Markers of Growth

Michael Bennett Lewis
Theater Studies
Leslie Taylor, Adviser
Thesis: Scenic Design for Macbeth, Presented by Theater Emory

Connor D. Leydecker
Benjamin Hary, Adviser
Thesis: The Language of Prayer: A Qualitative Linguistic Analysis of Prayer Form & Function

Jaims Lim
David Pallas, Adviser
Thesis: Role of Fas in Hematopoietic Defects Caused by LCMT-1 Knockout in Mice< /p>

Sara Marie List
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Lynne Nygaard, Adviser
Thesis: The Sound of Shape: Functional and Neural Correlates of Sound to Shape Mapping in Natural Language

Alexandra Michelle Lopez
Susan Tamasi, Adviser
Thesis: Bitch, You're Such a Slut!: How College Women use Bitch and Slut for Identity and Relationship Work

Runjing Lu
Economics and Mathematics
Leonard Carlson, Adviser
Thesis: The Impact of Household Regsitration System on the Economic Role of Social Capital in China Labor Market

Sophia Anne Luby
Political Science
Michael Giles, Adviser
Thesis: Judicial Ideology, Precedent Vitality and the Decision to Overturn Circuit Court Precedent

Diego Javier Luis
Cynthia Patterson, Adviser
Thesis: Historia de la conquista de Mexico: Grand Narrative of a New World Alexander

Olivia Franziska Luz
Film and Media Studies
Tanine Allison, Adviser
Thesis: Early Practices in Digital Cinematography: The Techniques and Technologies of the Digital Intermediate and Digital Motion Picture Cameras

Leena Fatima Malik
Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture
Mary Frederickson, Adviser
Thesis: Somali Refugee Women and their Explanatory Models of Mental Health

Turnee Nashid Malik
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Francisco Alvarez, Adviser
Thesis: Characterization of Foxp2 Expressing VI Spinal Neurons

Laura Jean Manor
Phil Wolff, Adviser
Thesis: Dictionary Dissection: A Computational Approach to Recovering Primitive Concepts

Madhava John Anthony Martin
Creative Writing
Jim Grimsley, Adviser
Thesis: Deliver Me From Nowhere

Samuel Blake Mayes
Bobbi Patterson, Adviser
Thesis: Life Together: An Exploration of Four Monastic Models in the Contemporary World

Hayley Catherine McCausland
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Christina Gross, Adviser
Thesis: Effect of FMRP deficiency on the Expression and mRNA translation of the potassium channel Kv4.2 in human cells

Lydia Louise McCormick
Environmental Sciences
Berry Brosi, Adviser
Thesis: Honey Hydrogen Peroxide as a Form of Social Immunity in Honey Bees (Apis mellifera)

Kerry McGlinchey
East Asian Studies
Sun Chul Kim, Adviser
Thesis: The Role of Media, Activism, and the Government in the North Korea Refugee Situation

Meredith Helen Metcalf
Film and Media Studies
Eddy Von Mueller, Adviser
Thesis: Manic Dream Pixie Girls

Anna Denise Millard
Lisa Paulsen, Adviser
Thesis: What My Mother Told Me

Rachel Ann Minogue
International Studies
David Davis, Adviser
Thesis: Trading and Aiding Human Rights Violators: The Negligible Influence of Bilateral Agreements on Respect for Human Rights in Developing Countries

Morgan Britt Monroe
French Studies
Valerie Loichot, Adviser
Thesis: Mixed Messages: An Analysis of Correspondence and Representations of Josephine Baker

Elliott Rice Baker Morris
Susan Bredlau, Adviser
Thesis: The Habit of Freedom: A Discussion of Identity and Being

David Michael Mullins
Comparative Literature
Deborah White, Adviser
Thesis: Shelley's Communism of Writing

Jordan Michelle Naftalis
Patrick Allitt, Adviser
Thesis: A Normal Agency in Abnormal Times: The Forest Service in the World Wars

Hadar Naftalovich
Phillip Wolff, Adviser
Thesis: Do You Believe in Magic? The Role of Forces in our Perception of the Occult

Matthew David Niebes
English and History
John Johnston, Adviser
Thesis: Beyond Space and Time: The Revelation of Impoverishing Control Systems in the Literature of William S. Burroughs

Fiona Patricia O'Carroll
English and History
Patrick Allitt, Adviser
Thesis: 'The Instinct of Every Real Woman': The Ideas of the Anti-Suffrage Movement in the U.S., 1868-1920

So Bae Park
Educational Studies
Aiden Downey, Adviser
Thesis: A Study of A Multicultural Education Program for South Korean Youth Using a High School Mentor- Small Group Elementary School Mentees Model

Christopher David Parkinson
Louise Pratt, Adviser
Thesis: The Personae of Dionysos: Achilles, Alexander and Christ in Nonnos' Dionysiaca

Raj Kartik Patel
Gary Laderman, Adviser
Thesis: Weight Loss as a Religious Culture

Michelle Anne Peretz
Patricia Brennan, Adviser
Thesis: Maternal Depression and Parenting: Can Social Support make a Difference?

Matthew Domenic Pesce
Political Science
Richard Doner, Adviser
Thesis: Institutions as a Cause of Upgrading: The Case of the Chinese Rubber Industry

Tiffany Jo Petrisko
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Nicholas Boulis, Adviser
Thesis: Quantifying Upper Motor Neurons in a Rodent Model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Sarah Christine Pitman
Ken Ono, Adviser
Thesis: 3F2-Hypergeometric Series and Supersingular Elliptic Curves

Alexis Paige Pritchett
Jeff Mullis, Adviser
Thesis: What's in a Name? Depression in College and Modern Labeling Theory

Faith Lynae Proper
Richard Rubinson, Adviser
Thesis: Against the Current: The Role of Cultural Capital, Habitus, and Institutional Background for Community College Transfer Students and Oxford Continuees ay Emory University

Zhuxiang Qin
Economics and Mathematics
Andrew Francis, Adviser
Thesis: What Happens to Marriage when Housing Prices Increase?

Kexin Qu
Applied Mathematics
Alessandro Veneziani, Adviser
Thesis: Numerical Simulations of Blood Flow in Coronary Arteries Investigating Sensitivity of Numerical Results to Different Boundary Pressures at Outflow

Lucy Jane Rabinowitz
Ellen Idler, Adviser
Thesis: The Economics of Emotion: How Social Capital Affects Mental Well-Being

Nikhil Raghuveera
Melvin Rogers, Adviser
Thesis: Democratic Change: Normative Guidance to Political Actors on the Use of Violence

Madeline Dalton Roorbach
Educational Studies
C. Aiden Downey, Adviser
Thesis: Chasing Reforms: A Case Study of the Effectiveness of Small Learning Communities as Educational Reforms

Jeremy Paul Rouanet
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Wilfried Rossoll, Adviser
Thesis: Axonal Transport of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) disease protein survival of motor neuron (SMN) and rescue of axonal defects by the mRNA-binding Proteins IMP1 and HuD

Abigail Johanna Sanders
Andrew Mitchell, Adviser
Thesis: A Good Death: Human Mortality and the Care of the Self

Caroline Lowe Schwaner
Environmental Sciences
Thomas Gillespie, Adviser
Thesis: Molecular Characterization and Zoonotic Potential of Cryptosporidium in Free Ranging Poultry in Rural Madagascar

Jenni Kathryn Seale
Tracy Scott, Adviser
Thesis: Influential Experiences on the Undergraduate Premedical Track

Bong Sun Seo
Economics and Mathematics
Esfandiar Maasoumi, Adviser
Thesis: Intergenerational Earnings Mobility in South Korea: A Gender Comparison

Amy Catheren Shannon
Math and Computer Science
Valerie Summet, Adviser
Thesis: Live-Coding in Introductory Computer Science Education

Abhinav K. Sharma
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Shuming Nie, Adviser
Thesis: Ultrasensitive Detection of Glioblastoma Brain Tumor Cells Using 5-ALA and SpectroPen for Fluorescence-guided Resection

Xiaoqing (Carey) Shi
William Ransom, Adviser
Thesis: Piano Recital

Leah Shiferaw
Sara Markowitz, Adviser
Thesis: Maternal Employment and Adolescents' Educational Achievement: A Look at Children of Immigrants

Talia Natania Shirazi
Kim Wallen, Adviser
Thesis: Continuity and Change in Male and Female Sexual Behavior of the Last 60 Years

Danelle Leigh Shuler
Educational Studies
Aiden Downey, Adviser
Thesis: Creating a Positive Learning Climate: A Case Study of A Small Day School

Tyler Jennings Shuman
Math and Political Science
Shawn Ramirez, Adviser
Thesis: Mutual Optimism and First Strike Advantages

Etasha Srinivas
Robyn Fivush, Adviser
Thesis: Narratives of Personal and Parental Transgressions

Jason Scott Stern
Political Science
Tom Clark, Adviser
Thesis: The Business of Politics: Assessing the Impact of Corporate Power and Campaign Contributions on Judicial Decision-Making

Zhe Sun
Richard Prior, Adviser
Thesis: A Recital of Original Compositions

Tianai Sun
Yun Tao, Adviser
Thesis: Speciation Driven by Internal Genetic Conflicts: A Test in Drosophila by an Introgression Study

Christina Idelfia Tejeda
Sampath Prahalad, Adviser
Thesis: Investigation of Associations between Autoimmunity Associated Variants in PDCD-1 and Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Categories

Moses Min-kyu Tincher
Lawrence Barsalou, Adviser
Thesis: Mindful Attention Reduces Linguistic Expectancy Bias: Implications for Regulating Prejudice and Stereotypes

Seanette Ting
Tracy Scott, Adviser
Thesis: Exploring the CSI Effect: A Qualitative Study of the Effects and Impact of Television Crime Shows in the Classroom

Stepheni Uh
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Stephan Hamann, Adviser
Thesis: The Relationship between Sociomoral and Physical Disgust: Investigation of Facial Affect in Response to Purity and Fairness Violations

Robin Marie Walker
Political Science
Michael Rich, Adviser
Thesis: Political Culture: States' Response to Social Welfare Problems

Julia Wang
Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture
Elena Glazov-Corrigan, Adviser
Thesis: Against Tyranny in the Cave: Narratives of Compulsion and Nonviolent Resistance

Sijia Wang
Iain Shepherd, Adviser
Thesis: Functional Analysis of Endothelin Receptor Signaling in Zebrafish Enteric Nervous System Development

Abigail Elena Weisberger
German Studies
Nick Block, Adviser
Thesis: Jewish Chronotopes: Sites of Memory in the Autobiographies of Gershom Scholem and Walter Benjamin

Meredith Jean Whitten
Environmental Sciences
Anthony Martin, Adviser
Thesis: GIS Mapping of Racoon (procyon lotor) Trails and Associated Invertebrate and Vertebrate Traces in Storm-washover Fans, St. Catherines Island, Georgia

Miranda Kay Wojciechowski
Erwin Rosinberg, Adviser
Thesis: Stone Wall Do Not a Prison Make: Regaining Agency through Narrative in Jean Rhy's "Good Morning, Midnight" and Charlotte Bronte's "Villette"

Julia Veronica Wojdylo
Victor Corces, Adviser
Thesis: Metabolism of CD4+TH1 and Th2 Cells

Katrina Liang Worsham
Jeff Mullis, Adviser
Thesis: Victimless Crimes: Shifting Views and Demographic Indicators

Rui Wu
Eric Weeks, Adviser
Thesis: Jamming of Static Quasi-2D Emulsions at Various Surfactant Concentrations

Zhiwei Xu
Economics and Mathematics
Andrew Francis, Adviser
Thesis: Consolidating out of Crisis? A Genuine Savings Perspective

April Chen Yang
Laura Otis, Adviser
Thesis: Method to the Madness: Boundaries, Binaries, and Burdens in the Literature of Poe and the American Gothic

Hyewon Yoon
Economics and Mathematics
Andrew Francis, Adviser
Thesis: Joint Effects: How Medical Marijuana Legalization Affects State-Level Marijuana Use and Non-Medical Pain Reliever Use

Ye Yuan
Applied Mathematics
Alessandro Veneziani, Adviser
Thesis: Numerical Modeling of Blood Flow in Bioresorable Vascular Stent

James Lockwood Zainaldin
Garth Tissol, Adviser
Thesis: Education and Politics in Plato and Cicero

Yuxue Zhang
Kaiji Chen , Adviser
Thesis: Consumer Confidence in Recovery Period from Microeconomics Perspective

Runtian Zhang
Kelli Lanier, Adviser
Thesis: The Effects of Media on Gender Equality in the Ultimatium Game

Guoliang Zheng
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Robert Cohen, Adviser
Thesis: Aberrant Proteasome Pathway in Alzheimer's Disease at Early Stage revealed by Whole-Transcriptome Study

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