Class of 1983

30-Year Reunion | September 26-29, 2013


Friday, September 27 | 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.  | Class of 1983 30-Year Reunion Happy Hour | Home of Bill Gryboski 83B, 1161 Oakdale Road NE, Atlanta (Druid Hills)
Kick off the reunion weekend with drinks and appetizers at the home of Bill Gryboski 83B on Friday evening. Registration requested · Attire: Casual · Contact: Melissa Stone, 404.727.8780  or 

Saturday, September 28 | 7:30 - 11:00 p.m. | Class of 1983 30-Year Reunion  | Carlos Museum
The Class of 1983 will celebrate its 30-year reunion on Saturday evening in the beautiful Carlos Museum. A buffet dinner along with beer and wine will be served. $50 per person · Registration requested · Attire: Dinner party casual · Parking: Fishburne Deck · Contact: Melissa Stone, 404.727.8780 or  

Sunday, September 29 | 10:30 a.m. | Class of 1983 30-Year Reunion Brunch (Undergraduate College and Business Alumni) | Home of Mary Middlemas 83C, 422 Candler Street NE, Atlanta
End the weekend with a light brunch at the home of Mary Middlemas 83C. $12 per person · Registration requested · Attire: Casual · Contact: Melissa Stone, 404.727.8780 or

Your reunion weekend will be full of activities for the entire family. From tours and tailgating to luncheons and happy hours, there will be many opportunities to meet up with old friends and show your family what your college years were all about. Full schedule of events

Here is a list of your classmates who are planning to attend or may be attending your reunion festivities as of September 23, 2013. Please note that your name will not appear right away when you register online - this list is updated every few days.

Registered to Attend: Jay Botwinick 83C; Michelle Elkins Botwinick 83B; Elaine Nussbaum Brasch 83C; Susan Laney Castle 83C 01N 08N; Jeff Clark 83C; Christine Werft Conrad 83B; Anne DeFranks 83C; Scott Eisenmesser 83B; Jane Fanslow 83C; Becky Farmer Evans 83C; Katherine Frankstone 83C; Linda Snow Gross 84C; Mark Gross 81B; William Gryboski 83B; David Harrison 83C 83G; Michael Hellstrom 83C; Jane Davis Jackson 83B; Ginger Kane 83C; Steven Koval 83C 83G; Rhonda Loewenstein Levan 83B; Renelda Mack 83C; Joanne Pulles McIlwain 83B; Megen Metzger 83C; Mary Middlemas 83C; Malcolm Miller 82B; Jim Owens 83C; Judith Reifler 83B; Mary Stubbs Rigger 83C 87G; AJohn Robitscher 81Ox 83C 93PH; Audrey Loftis Rogers 83C; Tali Segal 83C; Howard Silverman 83C; Marci Linder Silverman 83B; Susan Sunay 83C 09PH 13B; Ronn Tanel 83C; Anne-Marie Guys Taylor 83C; Randi Ratiner Trazenfeld 83C; Patton White 83C; Bruce Wobeck 83C 02B; Woody Wood 83C

Planning to Attend: Adam Fischler 83C; Jenny McKean 83C; Joanne Pulles 83B; Terry Stathakis 83C; Porter Watkins 83C


Be sure to update your contact information so we can keep you informed on class news, future reunions, and Emory events; join our online alumni directory; and keep the conversation going with the Class of 1983 Facebook group. Post your pictures and any updates--it's great to stay in touch!

Interested in helping out with reunions? Email Melissa Stone, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations for Emory College, at or phone her at 404.727.8780.


Emory will always be a part of your life. Even though you are over 30 years removed from college you can still get involved with your alma mater. Help spread the word about all that Emory has to offer as an admissions representative or serve as a career resource for alumni.

Your reunion year is also a great time to renew your support of Emory. Your gifts allow us to continue a tradition of academic excellence for all of the classes to come. We hope you will support the Fund for Excellence or designate a gift to any area of Emory that was especially meaningful to you. Please make your gift today.