Class of 1990

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1990 Reunion Committee
Andrew Abowitz 90C, James Archibald III 90C, Matt Banks 90C, Laurie Berzack 90C, Barry Cohen 90C, Christine Cahill Cubias 90C, Stacy Ehrlich 90C, Kathryn Epps 90C, Mark Goffman 90C, Kristan Goldfein 90C, Krister Holladay 90C, Correy Jones 90C, Amy Berns Leibner 90C, Margaret Fowler Lesesne 90C, Darcy Levit 90C, Michael Lischke 90C 92PH, Lori Agin Liss 90C, Penelope Macht 90C 92PH, Keiffer Mitchell, Jr. 90C, Kelly Mofield 90C, Lucy Moses 90C, Brendan O'Connell 90C, Cara Schroeder 88OX 90C, Shannon Lee Smith 90C, Philip Strauss 90C, Charmayne Thomas 90C 13PH, Stephen Weizenecker 88OX 90C

Reunion volunteers are the heart of Homecoming and reunions at Emory. They bring valuable knowledge of their class and encourage others to participate in class activities and class giving. Reunion volunteers do more than plan an event; they inspire others to a life-long connection at Emory. If you're interested in being part of your reunion committee, email   


Join classmates and fellow alumni from Emory College and Goizueta Business School for a fun-filled Homecoming and Reunion Weekend, September 24-27, 2015. Catch up with old friends and see what's different (and what's the same) about Emory today.

Kick off the weekend with a welcome reception on Friday, September 25 at Neighbors, a favorite local hangout. 

On Saturday, September 26, celebrate homecoming during the day with festivities like soccer games, food trucks, a parade, the opening of the Atwood addition to the Chemistry building, a concert you won't want to miss, and so much more. That night we will celebrate Emory College and Goizueta BBA classes of 1975, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2005, and 2010 at the Undergraduate Reunion Gala at Fernbank Museum.

Registrations (as of 8/25)
Andy Abowitz 90C, Dean Anason 90C, Rick Aranson 90C, Lenore Carroll 90C, Laura Myers Casellas 90C, Russell Castagnaro 90C, Matthew Chinman 90C, Christine Cahill Cubias 90C, Charmayne Dunlop-Thomas 90C, Stacy Weinstein Ehrlich 90C, Gary Friedman 90C, Mark Goffman 90C, Kristan Burkhardt Goldfein 90C, Steven Gurdin 90C, Amy Laura Hall 90C, Marni Radelman Handel 90C, Bradford Hohenberg 90B, Krister Holladay 90C, Correy Jones 90C, Jonathan Keller 90C, Sarah Kreisman 90C, Shannan Ford LaPorte 90C, Darcy Levit 90C, Shawn Martin 90C, Kelly Mofield 90C, Lucy Schneider Moses 90C, Kelley Frenkel Pittman 90C, Susan Ballato Radcliffe 90L, Thomas Reis 90, Lauren Rock 90C, Mike Rosenberg 90C, Michele Russell 90C, Cara Schroeder 88Ox 90C, Adam Shapiro 90C, Philip Strauss 90C, Jeff Swygert 90C, Cameron Proffitt Taylor 90C, Gordon Taylor 90C, Judy Tennell 90C, Gerardo Tosca 90C, Roger Woodman 90B, Bea Strickland Wray 90C


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