Class of 1994

More information on Homecoming 2015 is coming soon. See below for last year's schedule.

Registered to Attend

Updated 09/12/14
Heather Ancrum 94C, Duane Anglin 94C, Sharon Bachman 94C, Rosalyn Baker 94C, Tamille Barrett 94C, Pamela Swergold Binder 94C, Steven Bitterman 94C, Todd Borow 94C, Kevin Butler 94B, Eric Cantor 94C, Ursula Carter-Owens 92Ox 94C, Ted Castellanos 94C, Meredith Cohen 94C, Venessa Collins 94C, Lauren Cooler 94C, Deborah Danzig 94C, Jonathan Davidoff 94B, Kasanje Dembure 95C, Christina Dimitriadis 94C, Michael Dresnin 94B, Sherrill Cohen Dresnin 94B, Jeffrey Drucker 94B, Keith Edelstein 94B 00B, Ed Eiland 92Ox 94C, Kimberly Ellis 94C, Tucker Ely 94C, Karen Feldman 94B, Jennifer Fineran 94C 97G, Todd Finger 94B, Matt Friedman 94B, Lee Galkin 94C, Rishi Ganti 94C, Brett Garfinkel 94B, Jennifer Geismar 94C, Matthew Ginsburg 94C, Rebecca Ginzburg 94C, Emily Glassman 94C, Michelle Goldberg 94C, Josh Goldstein 94C, Julia Gratzer 94C, Erin Green 94B, Kara Landesman Green 94B, Jason Greenberg 94C, Jamie Greiver 94B, Mitchel Harad 94B, Ceres Moore Hill 94C, Kathy Hollenberg 94B, Susan Hornstein 94C, Debra Houry 94C, Merle Hugon 94C, Cherie Berkley Jennings 90Ox 94C, Michele Jones 94C, Theron Jones 94C, Lisa Kagan 94C, David Kahn 94B, Greg Kahn 94C, Mukti Kanji 94C, David Kennerly 94C, Jordan Klear 94B, Danielle Klein 94B, Denise Kohn 94C, Ian Krassek 94B, Bryan Kujawski 94C 97B, Steven Laitmon 94B, Allison Sealove Laskowitz 94C, Adam Leibowitz 92Ox 94C, Ben Levenbaum 94C, Karen Feinberg Levy 94C, Elizabeth Lewis 94C, Brian Long 95C, Kimberley Lowe 92Ox 94C 98G, Bernadette May-Beaver 04C 98T, Michelle McKay 94C, Amanda McMillan 94C, John McTurnan 94C, David Meezan 94C, Lee Mendelson 94C, Melissa (Missy) Levine Miles 94C, Pete Moore 94B, Tiyi Morris 94C, Bafana Moyo 94C, Sandra Nelson 94C, Daniel New 94B, Jodie Ng 94C, Tarun Palep 94C, Ryan Pearson 94B, Hillary Dooskin Perlman 94C, Mike Pesca 94C, Amanda Phillips 92Ox 94C, Edward (Ted) Pio Roda 94C, Eileen Quast 94B, Shaila Rao 94C, Mark Renbaum 94B, Aaron Resnick 94C, Brittany Robinson 94C 16G, Chad Rosenberg 94C, Matthew Rosen 94C, Ron Samuelson 94C, Matthew Saxonhouse 94C, Montrell Scaife 94C, Daryl Scher 94C, Derek Schwartz 94B, Eleonar Gallina Scott 94B, Ivy Horn Scott 92Ox 94C, Lauren Shankman 94C, Lori Sher 94C, Eric Simmons 94C, Wesley Solomon 94C, Benjamin Spergel 94C, Glen Surnamer 94C, Jonathan Swartz 94B, Gillian Lyth Szraga 94B, Susan Tamasi 94C, David Tanenbaum 94B, Ilana Tanowitz 94B, Chris Tobin 94C, Debbie Vassell-Mitchell 94C, Carrie Waller 94C, Rick Weil 94B 99B, Nikki Snyder Weisburd 94C, Scott Weisenthal 94C, Steve Weisskopf 94C, Laura Siegel Whalen 94C, Donna White 94C, Patricia White 94C, Jenn Wod 94C, Nicole Lessard Yarab 94C, Lonny Yarmus 94C, Afshin Yazdian 94B, Adam Zipper 94B

Hotel Information

Ritz-Carlton Buckhead
Book your reservation on the hotel website.
You must enter the group code CUECUEA to get the discounted rate. The rate is $179/night. The discount is valid for Friday and Saturday night.
If you will be coming in on Thursday night, please call the hotel and ask to speak with group reservations. Tell them the group code (CUECUEA) and that you are coming in for the Emory Reunion and you would like to extend the rate for Thursday night as well.  If you have any issues making the reservation or need assistance, you can contact Marcy Mercer 92C.
Rooms are subject to availability. Due to other events in the Atlanta area that weekend, hotels will book quickly. Book your room as soon as possible.

Friday, September 19

9:30 p.m. | Class of 1994 Reunion Mixer | Whiskey Blue, rooftop bar at the W, Buckhead, 3377 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326
The class of 1994 will kick off the weekend at a favorite hangout. Open to the College and Business undergraduate class of 1994 and guests · Pay at venue · Registration required · Contact: Melissa Stone, 404.727.8780 or 

Saturday, September 20

7:30 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. | Reunion Gala | Fernbank Museum, 767 Clifton Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30307
College and Business undergraduate classes of 1974, 1984, 1989, 1994, 2004, 2009 · Cost: $75 in advance, $90 at the door · Registration required · Parking at venue · Contact: Melissa Stone, 404.727.8780 or


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