Concert Artist 2013: Dispatch

Homecoming 2014 is September 19-21. Check back in summer 2014 for more information.

The information below is from Homecoming Weekend 2013.

Dispatch, formed in 1996, is an American indie/roots band based in the Boston area. The trifecta combination of Chad Stokes, Brad Corrigan, and Pete Francis met in college to create one of the biggest independent rock bands in history. The band originally called it quits in 2004, but regrouped in June 2012 for a sold-out U.S. tour. They bring influences from Led Zeppelin, Traffic, Radiohead and the like with a focal point on harmonies. They embarked on a first-ever European tour back in March with hits such as “Circles Around the Sun”, “Not Messin”, and “Feels So Good”. From three college boys at Middlebury College to now, Dispatch is excited to be back in the music scene and to travel to places they’ve never been.

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