Certified Sustainable Event


To help Emory meet its 65% landfill waste diversion goal, several Homecoming events are zero landfill waste, which means that all materials from the event can either be recycled or composted.  No trashcans are needed!

What can be recycled or composted at Emory?

  • Recycle: White paper, mixed paper, aluminum, all plastics, steel-tin, cardboard, glass, snack wrapper/sachet waste (e.g. chip bags, Ziploc bags, candy wrappers)
  • Compost: All food (including meat, bones, dairy), soiled paper products (e.g. napkins, paper plates), items labeled ‘compostable’ (e.g. to-go containers at Cox Hall)

As part of a commitment to positive transformation in the world, Emory has identified sustainability as one of the University's top priorities. Emory's sustainability vision incorporates green buildings, sustainable food, water conservation, energy awareness, recycling and re-use, commute alternatives, sustainability in the curriculum and more!  Visit www.sustainability.emory.edu for more information.