Impact Report 2018

From the President

Measuring Impact,Beyond the Numbers

Communicating Emory’s impact in the context of a single year is challenging. As a leading research university, we never stand still. Last year’s achievements, and those before them, continue to advance and improve our shared communities. 

Young minds expand, alumni contribute to society in meaningful ways, and eminent scholarship, research, and health care improve the quality of life for millions. In the following sections, you can explore how Emory’s passion, purpose, and resolve help sustain and improve global communities through individual actions and collective impact. Catalyzed by visionary investments, today Emory is positioned to inspire and deliver dramatic, world-class innovation as never before. 

Emory's passion is rooted in an academic experience where students discover a culture of open and civil discourse, work closely with academic experts, and connect with a set of peers as diverse as the world around them. There has never been a time when liberal arts and sciences have been more important to the future of our university and society. As a result, Emory is a place where students are prepared with critical skills they will need to tackle changing workforce requirements and the inevitable disruptions of markets and society. 

At the heart of Emory's impact is a distinct purpose: to think beyond oneself. This purpose—this sense of responsibility—is present among students, faculty, and alumni across generations. Whether you work here, teach here, learn, or connect here, Emory is a community of impact, where the greater good is balanced with individual interest. 

And, as you will see, Emory is also about resolve. We stand as one of the world’s leading research universities because we are wired for curiosity, fearless in our pursuits, and sought after time and again because of our peerless record of innovative contributions to society.

More than impact, Emory is also about potential. Though established more than 180 years ago, in many ways Emory is just hitting its stride as a global research university. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Woodruff gift, an investment that in many ways helped Emory grow into the eminent university we see today. The return on the Woodruff investment, and many others that have followed, has changed the face of Emory's students, campus, and impact on humanity.  

Today, Emory students are more qualified as well as more economically and internationally diverse than ever before. Investments in Emory have changed the course of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, serious infectious diseases such as Ebola, economic development in Atlanta, and critical health care for millions and have led increasingly diverse students to engage in the world through creative and intellectual expression. 

This site explores our impact in academics; research; the economy; Atlanta, the surrounding region, and the world; and caring and healing. I invite you to learn more and engage more with Emory in the future. Thank you to the more than 30,000 people who work in the Emory community, each of whom is an important contributor to meaningful impact today and tomorrow.

Claire E. Sterk

Making a World of Difference

A man and woman talking and laughing while sitting in a conference room

Preparing Engaged Leaders

Creative thinking. Fearless inquiry. Intellectual engagement. The promise of discovery. Students from across the globe come to Emory for an educational journey in an inclusive community that transforms them into tomorrow's leaders.

A person wearing protective gloves writing on a whiteboard


At Emory, research does more than advance knowledge and healing. We promote creativity and power innovation, providing a critical building block in the quest to address some of society's greatest challenges.

Two Emory nursing students work with a patient


With students working among local refugee populations, millions of dollars' worth of indigent health care being provided to metro Atlanta, innovative service-learning programs sending students across the globe to assist with social and medical issues, Emory is deeply enmeshed in its surrounding community—and the world as a whole.

A group of medical staff talks while walking down a hospital hallway

Caring and Healing

Wherever and however it can, Emory is dedicated to improving and saving lives. That includes the Emory Eye Center's efforts to supply recycled glasses to patients across metro Atlanta, the Emory Global Health Institute's work to combat infant mortality around the world, pioneering medical research aimed at preventing the next influenza pandemic, and much more.

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Economic Impact

Emory has a profound economic impact upon metro Atlanta—$11.4 billion in 2018—as it creates thousands of jobs, generates millions in tax revenues, undertakes capital investment, and contributes to communities through service, health care, research, and civic engagement.