Getting Started - Scholars

International scholars are a vital part of the Emory community. They are involved in activities ranging from teaching and observing to performing cutting-edge scientific research. Regardless of what brings them to Emory, international scholars make our campus diverse and unique.

Hosting or employing a scholar from outside the U.S. brings many questions and concerns. You will probably be asked questions about visas, non-immigrant status, foreign credentials, and much more. The process of on-boarding an international visitor can seem overwhelming, because there are so many rules, regulations, and procedures. Here are a few tips that will make getting started easier.

1. Make yourself knowledgeable about visa types. Read the general information sections on the most common visas used at Emory:

2. Know who your ISSS advisor is. Advisor assignments are available here; if you’re unsure of who your department is assigned to, contact Terry Eiesland, Associate Director for Scholar Services.

3. Remember that it is crucial to begin the process as early as possible! An H-1B can take up to eight months to approve. The J-1 procedure is faster, but can still take up to a month or more. Plan ahead!

4. Request access to the ISSS Link system. You will need to complete a training session before your access will be granted. Training sessions are held once a month; register at the HR website. The course title is “Bringing the World to Emory”

5. Get answers to the following questions before you contact ISSS or begin the request process.

6. Choose the appropriate visa type for the request.  This chart will help you narrow down your options.

7. Begin gathering documentation early! Much of the information will need to come from the scholar, and this can take time, especially if they are outside the U.S. Review the checklist for each visa type in advance to be sure you have everything you need:

Once you have all of your documentation, follow the instructions under the appropriate visa type to make your request. Please be sure to contact your ISSS advisor if you have questions! We are here to help make the process as smooth as possible.