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Arriving in the US

Landing in Atlanta on an International Flight

International flights land at Concourse E of the Airport.

Follow the signs for Immigration, and have your passport and immigration documents on your person and available to present to the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) official. The documents proving eligibility for entry into the U.S. in the following statuses are as follows:

After clearing Immigration, claim your baggage at the conveyor belt, and move on towards US-Customs. (Please note that you will be asked if you are carrying any fruits and/or vegetables in your baggage as these are not allowed to be brought into the United States. If the customs official asks you to throw any food article, please do so.)

After clearing US Customs, you will have to check-in your baggage again. You will then proceed through a second security checkpoint. At this checkpoint you will NOT be allowed to carry any liquids through so be sure to put any liquid items you may be carrying into your checked baggage.

Once you have cleared security proceed to the terminal and reclaim your baggage. You yourself cannot carry your baggage to the Terminal.

Following directions to the Terminal building will take you down an escalator to very long corridor. To the right and left are train lines. You should board a train heading towards the Terminal (this train will be on your right hand-side as you come down the escalator). Concourse E is over a mile away from the main terminal. Trains run every 60-90 seconds.

When you arrive at the terminal building you will use an escalator to come up from the train. You will see a signpost indicating which airlines are serviced through the North Terminal (turn to the right at the top of the escalators) and the South Terminal (turn to the left at the top of the escalators). Follow the signs to the appropriate baggage reclaim area.

This entire procedure usually takes 2 hours.

Landing in Atlanta on a Domestic Flight

If you have had a stopover anywhere in the US before flying onto Atlanta, then your Immigration and Customs check will take place at the first US airport you land at. The Immigration/Customs process will be similar to the procedure at the Atlanta airport however it may not be identical.

Domestic flights will land at one of four concourses (A, B, C or D) depending upon the airline you have flown into the airport from.

If this is the case, you should be able to proceed directly to the baggage claim area.