If you have been invited to come to Emory University to perform usual academic activities as a visiting scholar, you are entitled to receive an honorarium under certain conditions. When the American competitiveness and Workforce Improvement Act was signed into law, it outlined provisions in which a foreign national may come to the U.S. to perform usual academic activities at an institution of higher education provided certain conditions were met on the nature and length of that activity.

Specifically, Section 431 of the American Competitiveness and Workforce Improvement Act – ACWIA states, "(q) Any alien admitted under section 101(a)(15)(B) may accept an honorarium payment and associated incidental expenses for a usual academic activity or activities (lasting not longer than 9 days at any single institution), if such payment is offered by an institution or organization described in subsection (p)(1) and is made for services conducted for the benefit of that institution or entity, and if the alien has not accepted such payment or expenses from more than 5 institutions or organizations in the previous 6-month period."

To qualify for an honorarium, you must enter the U.S. as a visitor for business or tourism under one of the following statuses: B-1, B-2, WB, WT. When admitted under one of these statuses, you may be paid honoraria and/or travel expense reimbursement if: 

  1. you are engaged in usual academic activity or activities for nine days or less, and 

  2. you have not been paid or reimbursed by more than five other U.S. institutions or organizations under similar circumstances during the past six months.

In discussing any proposed invitations to perform usual academic activities as a visiting scholar with a department at Emory University, please inform the department to be in contact with ISSS in advance of any final arrangements for the invitation to ensure compliance with the law and to ensure that any honorarium or travel reimbursement can be honored.