Payment Of Expenses

As a visiting scholar who is coming to Emory University to conduct usual academic activity or activities, you are allowed to receive reimbursement under the following conditions: 

  1. Under the following provision of Section 431 of the American Competitiveness and Workforce Improvement Act – ACWIA (as known as the 9-5-6 rule) visiting scholars admitted into the U.S. for business or tourism under B-1, B-2, WB, or WT may receive reimbursement of expenses as long as the visiting scholar:

    • Is engaged in usual academic activity or activities being compensated for nine days or less, and 

    • Has not been reimbursed by more than five other U.S. institutions or organizations during the past six months.

  2. Prior to the enactment of ACWIA, B-1s and WTs were eligible to receive travel reimbursements. This provision in the law has not changed with the enactment of ACWIA. Therefore, travel reimbursements may be made to any B-1 or WB for a reasonable period of time beyond 9 days. All B-2s and WTs may receive travel reimbursement and honorarium only under the 9-5-6 rule provisions listed above. 

You will need to discuss financial arrangements for any visit to Emory University with the inviting department. They will work with the Controller’s Office at Emory University to file the necessary paperwork to all for any and all reimbursements.