Volunteer Policy

Emory University recognizes the contribution visiting scholars who volunteer their time and services as significant members of the Emory community. As a Volunteer, you are not eligible for university benefits, including workers’ compensation. 

You are eligible to volunteer at Emory University as long as the volunteer activity is not meant to replace someone who currently holds a paid position, and as long as you are donating services for humanitarian and public services purposes to further research, education, and knowledge.

Departments are not allowed to place you in a volunteer position if they have already identified you as a candidate for a position. In other words, you are not permitted to commence the activity required of a position for which a request has been made to sponsor you for employment. You must wait for the approval of any petition request filed by Emory University before you may commence work. If, however, you initially volunteer and subsequently are offered a paid position for which you qualify, then you may continue in the volunteer activity until the employment-based petition filed by Emory University is approved.

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