Passport Validity

You and any of your H-4 dependents must be in possession of a valid passport at all times while inside the U.S. in H-1B status. Possessing a valid travel document is a requirement for all non-immigrants inside the U.S. If your passport will soon expire, you are responsible for renewing it. Contact your home country’s consulate or embassy for instructions on how to renew your passport.

Prior to traveling outside the U.S. while in H-1B status, you should make certain that your passport will be valid for at least one year beyond your anticipated re-entry date to the U.S. A Customs and Border Protection (CBP) official upon inspection has the right to authorize your H-1B stay inside the U.S. based on the expiration date of your passport rather than the validity period authorized on your H-1B approval notice. In such cases, you may be authorized for a period of stay inside the U.S. that expires prior to the end date on your H-1B approval notice. Please inform an ISSS scholar advisor immediately if this has happened to you. You will have one of two options to recapture any lost time on your H-1B approval notice: 1) renew your passport, travel outside the U.S., and re-enter on the new passport, or 2) file an H-1B extension petition to recapture any time lost.