Updating your Address

To update your address you should do all of the following that apply:

If you are...

How to update your address

Enrolled in classes at Emory

Go to www.opus.emory.edu - Make sure that your address outside the United States is marked as the "Permanent Address", and your local physical address in the U.S. is marked as the "Local Address". Please note that you have an option to create/select a preferred address as well, which will determine where your mail is sent.

If you reside on campus, put your actual mailing address (PO Box and Emory University) in the "Local Address" field and make sure that your "Dormitory Address" is listed correctly in OPUS. You will not be able to change your "dormitory address" in OPUS. If it is incorrect, please contact the Emory Housing Office at 404-727-4144.

Paid by Emory

Human Resources System: leo.cc.emory.edu - Make sure your US address is in the "Local Address" field, and your address outside the US is in the "Other Address" field.

A J-1 scholar not in the Emory HR system

Log in to ISSS Link and use the e-form to update your address.  Please note that if you are in the PeopleSoft HR system and you update your address with this e-form, the information will be overwritten by what is in PeopleSoft. 

Please also report the change to Mary Andrews Chenault in the Controller's office.

Sponsored by another program or institution

Contact the DSO or Responsible Officer for your program.

A former Emory student now on OPT or AT

Log into ISSS Link and update your address information.

Accompanied by a J-2 dependent

Log in to ISSS Link and update your J-2 dependent's contact information using the Add/Update Dependent e-form.

You may fit into more than one category. Be sure to follow the instructions for each situation that applies to you, or your address change will not be properly processed.