End of Program

Reporting required

Your hosting department must report the end of your exchange program via the ISSS Link system. ISSS encourages you to complete an online end-of-program exit interview and to speak with an ISSS scholar advisor to provide feedback about your exchange program experience and our services. Your comments will help us improve Emory’s exchange program and ISSS services.

Completion of program objectives

Once you have completed your exchange program objectives, your hosting department is required to report your program end date in ISSS Link. Your SEVIS record will automatically roll over to "inactive." When the SEVIS record becomes inactive, requests for transfers, changes, or extensions cannot be accepted. Following the completion of a program, you are entitled to a 30-day grace period in which to voluntarily depart the U.S. You may not continue to perform your J program activity during this grace period. It is only for the purpose of preparing for your departure and perhaps to travel within the U.S. prior to your departure.

Early withdrawal

If you withdraw from the exchange program early, your hosting department must report the date of withdrawal in ISSS Link before the actual withdrawal date. Your SEVIS record must reflect the early withdrawal date, and a new DS-2019 reflecting that new date may be required for your records.

You are not entitled to the 30-day grace period if you withdraw early and did not complete your program objectives.

Caution on travel outside the United States during the 30 days after completion

If you travel outside the U.S. after completing your program, you are not allowed to use your DS-2019 to return to the U.S. in J status. This is particularly important to remember if you have plans to visit either Canada or Mexico before returning to your home country.

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