Health Insurance

All J-1 exchange visitors and their J-2 dependents are required by law to carry health insurance during the course of their J-1 Exchange Visitor Program. The regulation (22 CFR 62.14) details the minimum coverage that must be provided and other requirements of the plan. These details are listed below.

Please note: You must report your health insurance to ISSS upon arrival as well as any time it changes during your stay.  Please use the link in the Quick Links box on the right for instructions on reporting your health insurance information through the ISSS Link system.

J-1 Scholar Insurance

ISSS will request proof that you and your J-2 dependents are currently covered by an appropriate type and amount of health insurance as required by Exchange Visitor Program regulations. All J-1 exchange visitors at Emory are expected to provide proof of insurance from one of the approved insurance venues below:

1) T.W. Lord & Associates

ISSS has secured an insurance plan through T.W. Lord and Associates that meets the regulatory requirements. Brochures with attached applications are available in the ISSS office or may be secured directly from TW Lord (770/427-2461 or 1-800-633-2360). Mail completed application and fee directly to the company to purchase the plan. Once received and processed, the insurance company will send you a letter and an insurance card. A photocopy of the insurance card or verification letter is sufficient evidence of health insurance coverage. Proof of this insurance must be provided either prior to arrival or upon arrival at orientation. Scholars are required to enroll in the TW Lord plan unless they are covered by one of Emory’s employee insurance plans, a sponsoring agency, or their home country government.

2) Insurance Through Employee Benefits

If you are employed by Emory University and benefits eligible, one of the Emory University health insurance plans,, will meet the requirements for health insurance. The selection is made online after employment begins; help from the department’s Human Resources representative may be requested. You are urged to make this selection promptly in order to be covered retroactively from the beginning of employment. A copy of your Benefits Summary showing your insurance selection may be presented as initial proof of insurance, as long as the selection is made during the first 30 days of employment.

3) Insurance from Sponsoring Programs, Agencies, or Government

Exchange visitors who are sponsored by an organization or agency (such as, Fulbright, Kellogg, government agency, or home country government) that also provides insurance coverage, must present proof of insurance, in English, prior to arrival or at the ISSS orientation. An official letter from the sponsor, the sponsor’s insurance card, or the insurance policy (in English) can be used as evidence of insurance.

Specific Health Insurance Details Required By Law: