Changes in Program

Changes in your Exchange Visitor (EV) program conditions must be reported to ISSS prior to implementation. Most changes require updating your record in the Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and may require the issuance of a new DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility for (J-1) Exchange Visitor Status. The following changes require reporting in ISSS Link:

  1. Change in funding information

  2. Change of department

  3. Change of program objectives or activities

Change in funding information

When submitting a request to host an EV, the prospective EV and/or the department must provide evidence of sufficient funding for the duration of the program. Documentation of subsequent changes in the amount of financial support and/or source of funding must be reported by the department in ISSS Link. If an extension-of-stay request is being made concurrently with the change in funding, both can be included in the same request.

Changes in the amount and/or source of funding must be reported in SEVIS and a new DS-2019 issued. A copy of the DS-2019 will be uploaded in your record in ISSS Link, and you will keep the original document for your records. 

Changes in source of funding are permitted as long as any agreements made with the current source of funding are honored. If there is an agreement with your current financial sponsor that you will return home after a specified period of time, ISSS will not grant an extension of stay or change the financial sponsorship without the written consent of your current financial sponsor. If an extension of stay and/or change in financial sponsorship was granted but is later discovered to violate a prearranged agreement, ISSS has the right to terminate the extension of stay.

Change of department

You may request to switch departments, provided that you maintain the original objective of your exchange program and remain in the same J category listed on your initial DS-2019. To transfer J-1 program sponsorship from one Emory department to another, you must have a new department willing to sponsor you to continue your original activity.

Changing departments cannot occur until approved by ISSS. The new department must submit a request in ISSS Link for an amendment and upload documentation to support the new program. If financial support changes with the move, then new evidence of financial support will be required. In some cases, a change of department may also include an extension of stay. It is not necessary to submit separate requests. 

You and the department will be notified if approved, and a new DS-2019 showing the changes will be issued to you and uploaded to your ISSS Link record.

Change of program objective or activity

When you are invited to participate in Emory’s EV program, both you and the department must declare the objective(s) of the program, and this is included on the DS-2019 in abbreviated fashion. If during the course of the EV program either the objective(s) and/or activities that support the objective(s) change, the department must notify ISSS in advance. These changes cannot occur until ISSS has approved them.

The fundamental nature of the EV program objective can never change, but supporting objectives and/or activities in support of the fundamental EV program objective may change. Departments report such changes in ISSS Link. If change of program objective(s) and/or activities also involve changes in funding, then new evidence of the financial support will be required. In some cases, a change of program objective(s) and/or activities may also include an extension of stay. It is not necessary to submit separate requests. 

For all changes in program conditions

The process for entering a request for amendment or change in program conditions is similar to the initial request process. You will complete a personal information form; the department administrator completes program information; and the supervisor approves the compliance form, which is then routed for electronic signature by the chair and the dean (or dean’s designee for the School of Medicine and Rollins School of Public Health only).