Transferring To or From Emory

J-1 Exchange Visitors transferring to Emory University

If you are in the U.S. in J-1 Exchange Visitor (EV) status at another institution, you must request permission to transfer to Emory’s EV Program. You are eligible to transfer provided:

  1. The transfer is necessary to continue and complete the original exchange program objective;

  2. You remain in the same J-1 category for which you are currently sponsored; and

  3. You have maintained your J-1 status.

Before the department may initiate a request to sponsor you for a transfer from another institution, you and the sponsoring department must verify that your EV program objective at Emory is consistent with the original program objective of your current EV program and that the transfer allows you to remain in the same J-1 category noted on your current DS-2019.

Next, your must notify your current EV sponsor of your intent to transfer and receive confirmation from your current EV sponsor that you will be allowed to transfer. After these steps have been accomplished, your Emory sponsoring department can submit its request to transfer your EV program to Emory.

Departments initiate the request in ISSS Link, following the instructions outlined in the general request process. Starting with Step 2, you will be responsible for uploading a completed J Exchange Visitor transfer-in request form to ISSS Link when prompted.

ISSS will notify you and the department when the transfer is approved.

Your last day at the current school will be the date the SEVIS record is released to Emory, and your first day at Emory should be the following day. You must check in at ISSS during the first week to finalize the official transfer in SEVIS. You will then receive a new DS-2019 from ISSS.

J-1 Exchange Visitors transferring from Emory University

You may request to transfer to another institution to continue your exchange program objective. 

  1. You must obtain an official letter of invitation to participate in the other institution’s exchange program AND complete the J Exchange Visitor transfer-out request form.

  2. An ISSS scholar advisor will review the letter and J EV transfer-out request form to ensure that the transfer is consistent with the original EV program objective and to certify that the you have maintained status (making normal progress toward the completion of the J-1 EV program objective and carrying the health insurance required of you and your J-2 dependents). 

  3. Once the transfer out is approved, ISSS will establish a mutually agreed upon transfer-out date that will allow the new institution to access your SEVIS record.   

Please note: Transfer forms vary from school to school. The new institution may require a transfer-in form. Typically, transfers are coordinated by Emory’s ISSS office and the other institution’s international office responsible for their EV program. Your supervisor at Emory, however, will need to approve the transfer and set the appropriate transfer date, whether this is accomplished on Emory’s J-1 Exchange Visitor transfer-out form or the new institution’s transfer-in form, or both. Your departmental administrator will likely play a role in establishing the transfer-out date if you are currently employed by Emory. Keep in mind that your EV program cannot have any gaps in time when transferring from one institution to another.

The ISSS scholar advisor will upload the J-1 EV transfer-out form and/or other institution’s transfer-in form to your ISSS Link record and complete the transfer-out procedure in SEVIS after it has been approved.