Changing Departments

When employed on an O-1 temporary visa, it is likely that Changing Departments will require an amended O-1 filing with USCIS. O-1 visas are employer and employment specific. Significant changes in job duties, job title, rate of pay, hours worked, etc., may result in the need for a new petition to be filed with USCIS. When filing for O-1 status, it is necessary for departments to document the need for a person of extraordinary ability to fulfill that position, and also the reason that you are a person of extraordinary ability.

If you are considering a change in department, please contact ISSS as soon as possible so that we can determine if a new filing is necessary. You must contact us prior to changing departments. If we determine that a new O-1 petition is necessary, the petition will need to be filed and approved before you can begin employment in the new department. 

The request for a Change of Department must come from the new department.