Use of Outside Attorneys

Outside attorneys are not authorized to file employment-based immigration petitions on behalf of Emory University, except in unusual or extraordinary cirsumstances. ISSS has been designated as the office with exclusive authority to file these petitions. If an outside attorney is used for an employment-based immigration petition without the prior knowledge and consent of ISSS, the petition will be withdrawn immediately, even if filing fees and/or attorney’s fees have already been paid. This is extremely important to ensure that the best interests of Emory University are represented in each filing. It may be possible to refile the petition through ISSS, but this would be determined on a case-by-case basis. ISSS recognizes, however, that under unusual or extraordinary circumstances an outside attorney may be required to file an employment-based immigration petition on behalf of Emory University. ISSS, in consultation with the Office of General Counsel, will determine whether a particular case warrants use of an outside attorney. Unusual or extraordinary circumstances will typically mean either a complex case requiring an unusual amount of time to prepare or a case requiring expedited handling.

When an outside attorney is used, ISSS will review and sign the petition and Form G-28 on behalf of the University to insure compliance with all University sponsorship guidelines. ISSS advisors are the only individuals authorized to sign the petition and the Form G-28. All fees for such a case are the responsibility of either the employing department or the beneficiary of the immigrant petition.