J-1 Employment Based on Economic Necessity

The Department of State allows for J-1 Employment Based on Economic Necessity for use only when “serious, urgent, and unforeseen economic circumstances…have arisen since acquiring exchange visitor status.” 


In order to be considered for Employment Based on Economic Necessity, a student must first meet the general J-1 employment conditions:

Worked performed via Employment Based on Economic Necessity is not required to relate to the field of study listed on the DS-2019 Form.

Application Procedures

To apply for this type of employment authorization, a J-1 student must provide evidence of the “serious, urgent, and unforeseen economic circumstances” that necessitate the employment. This information must be submitted to the student’s International Student Advisor for review. If a student’s request is approved, the Advisor provides a letter that serves as proof of employment authorization.  Please note: this authorization is very rarely granted.