J-1 On-Campus Employment


A J-1 student is immediately eligible for on-campus employment, provided that he or she meets the following conditions:

Work performed as on-campus employment is not required to relate to the field of study listed on Form DS-2019.

General Requirements

A J-1 student seeking on-campus employment must be authorized specifically for each individual position. The student first obtains a job offer and requests a letter of authorization from the ISSS. This letter is issued for a maximum of one year. Thus, students who will continue year after year in the same on-campus position must request a new letter each year to continue employment. On-campus, on-premises employment data must also be directly entered into SEVIS by an international student advisor. 

Please note: Students who are completing a teaching or research assistantship as a component of a graduate program must request authorization for on-campus employment in order to teach or conduct research under the terms of the assistantship.

If the Program Sponsor on form DS-2019 is not Emory University, students should contact the Program Sponsor indicated on #2 of the Form DS-2019 to obtain the authorization letter.

Authorization for on-campus employment will be automatically withdrawn if the student’s program is transferred or terminated.

Authorization Process

If you have been offered on-campus employment (and/or will receive a stipend from Emory), you must complete the hiring process with your Emory University employer and also apply for a Social Security Number (SSN) from the Social Security Administration (SSA) prior to beginning work.

Step 1: Request Employment Authorization

Upon obtaining an offer of employment, request authorization from ISSS via ISSS Link (using the J-1 On-Campus Employment Authorization e-form under the J-1 Student Services tab). Note: Before applying, please discuss the terms of your employment with your hiring manager. It might be helpful to first review the e-form to see what information is necessary for successful submission.

Step 2: Apply for a Social Security Number

After an international student advisor has created two copies of a letter authorizing on-campus employment and updated your form DS-2019, you must then take one copy of the letter to your hiring manager to initiate the hiring process and another copy, along with your immigration documents and your signed employment letter, to the Social Security Administration (SSA) to apply for the SSN. More information on the application process is available in our section on Social Security Numbers. The SSA will give you a receipt for your application.

Step 3: Complete Hiring Process and Tax Withholding Requirements

After you are hired, your employer must complete the required paperwork for Payroll/Human Resources, including Form I-9 and the New Student Hire Form. Please contact Emory's Nonresident Tax Specialist Mary Chenault, who will help you with the tax paperwork and explain tax treaty benefits to you. Her office is located in the Administration Building, Office of the Controller.

Tips for Finding On-Campus Employment

Students may search for on-campus employment (primarily undergraduate) at Emory online via Eagle Ops. Once you have registered on Eagle Ops, you may go to the specific office in which you are interested to learn about employment opportunities.

International students are ineligible for Federal Work Study positions.

Only private student assistant jobs (i.e. those funded by the department itself) are open to J-1 students. Graduate teaching or research assistantships and fellowships are awarded at the department level. Masters-level students in the Rollins School of Public Health are eligible for the Rollins Practical Experience.

Watch for the career fair held on campus at the beginning of each semester. The career fair is primarily for Federal Work Study students, but it may be beneficial for any student who wishes to connect with potential on-campus employers.