Prospective Students

Please note - The ISSS office does not provide any assistance or guidance with admissions to the university. You must contact the Admissions office of the school you wish to attend directly if you would like information about admission to Emory. For a list of Emory admissions contacts, please see below.

While there may be similarities, the admissions process at colleges, universities and institutions in the United States function differently. The following information will help you navigate the process of inquiry, information gathering, and application to the many programs at Emory University.

At Emory, our university has what is referred to as "decentralized admissions." This means that each school or academic division has its own application, candidate review, selection, and notification process. A good way to think about the organization of Emory is that Emory University is a single entity, an institution of higher education. In the institution of Emory University, there are nine different schools/academic divisions. Each school has its own office of admission. All inquiries for information about admission should be directed to the school/academic division in which you plan to pursue your academic career.

Please note: The International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) office does not participate in the advisement, review, or selection of potential students. Each school establishes its own admission requirements. The decision to admit a student to an academic program is made without regard to immigration status.

The nine schools/academic divisions at Emory are:

As a prospective student at Emory, you should carefully read the information provided by the school/academic division. The admission officers and staff in each school/academic division are knowledgeable about the specific programs, the requirements for admissions, and the application and selection process. The professional staff members are available to answer your questions and you are encouraged to utilize them as you research opportunities at Emory University.