About MyEmory

Emory employees have achieved great success. You have helped educate leaders, increase understanding of humanity, and serve communities at home and abroad, among many other accomplishments. In the health sciences and health care, you have saved lives, performed vital research, taught the world’s health care leaders, and addressed critical questions of public health.

MyEmory donors

With success comes the responsibility to do more. MyEmory is a direct response to this call for action. MyEmory is the annual employee giving program at Emory. It offers those of you working across the university and its hospitals and clinics a powerful way to make a difference in the community and around the world.

MyEmory offers an unlimited number of opportunities to strengthen the programs, people, and places at Emory that matter most to you. With your gift, you can help ensure that students who meet Emory’s high standards will be able to attend regardless of economic background. You can help build an environment that nourishes the work and lives of faculty, students, and staff. You can fund classroom technology, strengthen academics, fuel research, support the arts, help improve patient care, or give to any number of creative programs and purposes.

As an employee, you know the value of Emory better than anyone. Whether you give annually through payroll deduction or a one-time gift, contribute to an endowment, include Emory in your estate plans, or establish a life-income gift, your participation matters. Whether you make a small gift or a large one, your gift counts. Whatever your passion, Emory offers a place to give.