Gavin creates a legacy for graduate education

Jim Gavin's mother was a chef at one of the best restaurants in 1950s Mobile, Alabama, but segregation prevented his family from dining there. He became a civil rights activist and, while studying for a doctorate in biochemistry at Emory, decided to become a leader in higher education.

Now a member of the Emory Board of Trustees and an Emory professor with a distinguished academic career, he has made a bequest to support the James T. Laney School of Graduate Studies.

"My graduate education at Emory has been such an important element of my career, and I am enormously proud of the strides being made by the Laney Graduate School with a very talented and diverse group of students," says Gavin 70PhD. "It's important to know there will be resources available to continue building programs of excellence."

His gift honors Emory President Emeritus James T. Laney, for whom the school is named, and celebrates the leadership of Dean Lisa Tedesco.

"I love the energy and vision she's brought to the graduate school and the very notion of giving the school an identity built on the ethos of Jim Laney. I want to be known as a member of this team," Gavin says.

A clinical professor of medicine at Emory School of Medicine, Gavin is an expert in diabetes and childhood obesity. Chosen as one of Emory's "175 or So Emory Makers of History" in observance of Emory's 175th anniversary, Gavin chairs the fund-raising effort for the Laney Graduate School and has served on the Emory Board of Trustees since 2003.