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2008 Emory University Annual Report

Cover of 2008 reportAchievement in the Midst of Challenge

"Five years ago I was given the privilege of serving as president of Emory University. Those years have been fulfilling, enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding in ways that I could not have imagined fully in the beginning. Having come to the end of that time, I look forward to the next five years here and beyond with the same exhilaration that I felt at the start and with an openness to still more pleasures in the company of this remarkable community.

"In each of my previous annual reports I was proud to proclaim, with every good reason, that the state of Emory University was strong and getting stronger. This year, despite the challenges that loom because of our national and world economy, I can say the same thing. Of course, we need to pay attention to those economic concerns as they impinge directly on our aims and operations. If we do not attend to them decisively, they could undermine the significant achievements we have made in the past five years. Before I address those concerns, I want to recall why we at Emory have much reason to be confident."

PDF 2008 Annual Report (PDF 3.3MB)