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Courageous Leadership: A Progress Report

President Wagner

President's State of the University Address

"...It is true that the times are having a profound impact..."

In this, my seventh annual report of Emory University, coming as it does after two years of budget cutting and in the midst of continuing economic climate change, I truthfully can say that the state of Emory University is good and the outlook for it positive.

The principal reason I believe in the latter is the men and women of Emory. This is a remarkable community in every respect, and it is worth pausing often to acknowledge the combination of both excellence and goodness here that we often take for granted. It is not a combination found everywhere. But it is owing to this distinctive community that Emory continues to gain strength during the economic climate change affecting higher education.

It is indisputable that the times are having a profound impact. Nevertheless, we have been true to our vision, and the course we charted five years ago in developing our strategic plan continues to serve as a reliable roadmap toward our destination of being an internationally recognized, inquiry driven, ethically engaged, diverse, and collaborative community.

This report describes some of Emory’s accomplishments of the past five years that emphatically celebrate the degree to which we have maintained our direction. It also lays out some of the challenges that we are addressing to make certain that the remaining five years of our strategic plan take us the rest of the way to our destination.

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