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2011 Emory University Annual Report

The Educational Enterprise

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Marshall Scholar Garrett Turner

The Educational Enterprise

Emory students made up one of the larger cohorts of graduates . . . going both to Teach for America and the Peace Corps. Among our graduates was a Marshall Scholar. We can be enormously proud of our students.

Emory Tibet Science Initiative

Liberal Education to Meet Society's Needs

[W]e need to speak boldly and unapologetically about what we are doing in the liberal arts to serve society’s needs rather than merely address society’s wants.

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Scholarship and Research

Emory faculty members continually bring forward creative, path-breaking ideas for collaborative scholarship, and the implementation of these ideas gives Emory a leadership position.

Rollins School of Public Health building

Health Care

[The] mission of health care and our missions in professional studies and the liberal arts are closely intertwined, and both halves of our university support and lift each other to higher levels of excellence.

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Finance and Governance

We are fortunate to have in finance and administration very talented and smart men and women who not only understand spreadsheets and the economy, but also value the culture of the academy.

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Academic Community

[I]t is also fitting that in this anniversary year at Emory, we remember the vows and principles that have guided us. . . . This year encourages us to look ahead—to consider that perhaps Robert Browning was right when he said that “the best is yet to be.”

Financial Information

Michael Mandl

Finance and Administration Report

Emory at 175: Celebrating and Continuing to Strengthen the Foundation of Excellence

Fiscal Year 2011 offered a unique opportunity to celebrate a significant milestone—Emory’s 175th anniversary—while also launching several new initiatives that provide exciting promise and opportunity for Emory’s future.

Edith Murphree

Overview of Finances for FY2011

As we celebrate Emory University’s anniversary, we are reminded of the solid financial foundation left to us by the business stewards of the past. Although the global economic pressures continued in FY2011, it is not the first financial storm faced by Emory nor will it be the last. In this spirit, we reflect on the past year’s financial results as we anticipate and prepare for the future.