Standing by what is good

Annual Report of the President 2013


President Wagner

State of the University 2013

At Emory University in Atlanta, Ga., 2013 was yet another banner year. Numerous awards and recognitions, exciting new ventures and collaborations, and an athletics national championship highlighted the year at this top residential, liberal arts-based research university. Emory President James W. Wagner reviews the year that was in this State of the University address.

Pamela Scully

The Nature of Evidence: An introduction to Emory University’s Quality Enhancement Plan

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a five-year plan dedicated to improving an aspect of student learning. A mandatory requirement for accreditation by SACS Commission on Colleges, the QEP at Emory focuses on the nature of evidence. Teaching first-year students about evidence, and particularly primary evidence, enhances Emory’s place as a tier 1 research university with a leading undergraduate college. Our goal is to make an encounter with evidence—whether an original manuscript, a pottery shard, or a genetic chain—a part of every Emory student’s education. We are engaging first year students in the classroom, through research, and in a variety of activities across campus, thereby creating a foundation for subsequent undergraduate research experiences and honors projects.


Campus Life Compact for Building an Inclusive Community at Emory

An ad hoc committee of students and Campus Life staff released the “Campus Life Compact for Building an Inclusive Community at Emory,” a student-driven report that advances the ongoing campus dialogue around issues of social justice.