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Randy Fullerton

Randy FullertonRandy Fullerton began his career at Emory in 1983 as Technical Director for Theater Studies and Theater Emory.  He has served the Theater Studies Department in several capacities, including teaching for eight years.  His academic background includes an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Bridgewater College, a Master's (MA) in Theater from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Master's in Fine Arts (MFA) from the Yale Drama School.

Since 1987, Randy has focused his efforts on enhancing the arts facilities on campus.  He has served as Facilities Coordinator for Theater Studies and as the Managing Director of Creative Initiatives for the Emory College of Arts and Sciences.  Randy continues to work on arts-related projects across campus, most recently in his role as Managing Director of the Arts Center Project.

Currently, Randy is involved in a variety of special projects for the Office of the Secretary and utilizes his artistic and design skills in the production of multimedia presentations for the Board of Trustees.