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Work-Life Initiative

Members of the Emory Community:

In February 2006, at the recommendation of the President’s Commission on the Status of Women, President James Wagner commissioned the Work-Life Initiative Task Force to participate in the University’s cross-cutting strategic theme “Creating Community-Engaging Society.”  Task force members from across the campus met over the past eighteen months to consider a wide range of practices, programs, and processes that sustain individuals and families within a university environment.  In keeping to the theme of engaged reciprocity, our  goal was to further enhance Emory as a community that embraces a culture of joy and provides opportunities for both the University and its people to thrive.

Fortunately, Emory has an excellent foundation in its natural environment and faculty, staff, and students who are dedicated to living full, creative lives.  The Report of the Work-Life Initiative Task Force highlights these examples as well as examines institutional policies, practices, and programs that affect the work-life experience of faculty, staff, and students, especially in changing the needs and expectations in today’s society.  The twenty-nine recommendations contained in this report call on Emory and its citizens to make a deeper investment in enhancing the University as a special place where respect for traditions, immersion in the moment, and preparation for the future are inextricably interwoven.

As we begin to implement the recommendations in this report, we would like to hear your thoughts and additional ideas.

Thank you for the work you do at Emory and your contributions to its future.


Peter Barnes, Vice President for Human Resources
Rosemary Magee, Vice President and Secretary of the University

26 February 2008

Work-Life Initiative